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16 Sep

by Diane Shawe So you’re self employed, exhausted, in debt, little money coming in, no help from the banks and your self esteem has been trampled. You feel like you cannot live with yourself any longer? You have problems, but everywhere you go you continuously hear about the world’s problems. In the forefront of your mind, your problems seem bigger than everyone else’s, but yet no one is listening to you because they are busy listening to their own problems as well. So where do you begin? How do you stop the noise? How do you clear your head so that you can start focusing on dealing with the main things that are bugging you? How do you stop being scared to face up to things, how do you find the courage and who is there to help you? Lots of questions and in times like these there seems to be very few effective answers. The most irritating words you could hear right now are: a) ‘Pull yourself together’, b) ‘Maintain a stiff upper lip’, c) ‘God does not give you more than you can bear’ d) ‘don’t worry everything will turn out alright’ e) ‘Get some sleep it will all be different tomorrow’! These small cute statements and gestures of encouragement goes on and on when all you want to do is Scream, take a break from it all, run away or do something to stop the noise in your head. But you have responsibilities, you have yourself, your living expenses, maybe a family, staff, customers, suppliers, the bank, council, tax and vat man and debt collectors. Everyone wants a peace of you and you feel dragged from pillow to post. You know you’re drinking more, smoking more, eating rubbish, feeling sluggish and your brain has turned to mush so YOU NEED A PLAN. There are a few little gems to plant in your mind first before you can start the push back for your life. 1) Name one single second in the past when you have gone back and changed it. 2) You cannot look after anyone else or sort anything out until you have fully sorted yourself out. 3) When was the last time you truly experienced sitting on a chair and feeling yourself sitting on that chair? 4) Read ‘Who moved my cheese’ by Dr Spencer Johnson. It takes about a couple of hours. 5) Where do you keep your emotional trash can and can you take time out from it. 6) Are you already rich? You might think that these are odd points to place in your mind but let me explain. After many years of reading personal development books, meditating, becoming spiritually aware of my thoughts, my body, what I like and dislike one of the most empowering challenges was ‘learning to live in the NOW’. So let’s deal with each point above with a small explanation. 1) Name one single second in the past when you have gone back and changed it. We are in continuous movement, this movement is forward, onward like a clock, it does not tick backwards! You cannot go back a re-write history; however you can like a broken record keep reliving it and replay it over and over again. This is how you come to irritate yourself, stop yourself from thinking and constructively taking positive action. This is how you upset your sleep pattern, eating habit, health and happiness which take me onto the next point. 2)You cannot look after anyone else or sort anything out until you have fully sorted yourself out! Just image you have broken both your arms, everyone else would have to help you to get dressed, eat, or make a phone call from your blackberry and you couldn’t even drive! It is not until you loose your arms that you start to realise how important they are to you. The same can be said for your peace of mind, you health and well being. You punish yourself when you don’t exercise, eat properly, reduce toxins going into your body, get enough sleep, practice relaxation techniques such as listening to music, reading, playing a game or having fun with your partner. These would be the last things on your mind when you are practising point one which is to live in the past in your mind when you cannot change a single thing. The only way to break the patter is to deal with point two. When your body is feeling healthy, rested and energetic is helps the mind to deal with all types of situations. It even helps to reduce your fear of asking for help. 3) When was the last time you truly experienced sitting on a chair and feeling yourself sitting on that chair? You might think this is very odd point of observation, and I would have agreed with you once upon a time. But on closer analysis, I came to realise that I was not consciously involved in what I was doing physically. Let me give you an example: How many times have you driven somewhere and got their before you realised it and didn’t remember seeing anything during transit? Most of us go into a different zone of thought, a routine, and automatic pilot what ever you want to call it. This is how we live most of our life each day. We go through the motions and because we are not involved in the NOW, present we don’t fully experience it, so this take us back to point one, we live in the past or even too far into the future. Sometimes we eat something, without really tasting it, listen to a piece of music or watch a program without really being involved in active watching and listening. If you want to get things done, then you have to practice being involved in NOW. Try it and you will see just how uninvolved you really are when you find your brain working over time just to stay aware. Can you feel your bum on your chair now? 4) Read ‘Who moved my cheese’ by Dr Spencer Johnson. It takes about a couple of hours. When I heard the title of this little book I thought what has cheese got to do with anything? That’s all I am going to say – source it and read it – you will need the information to help you through this time. 5) Where do you keep your emotional trash can and how to take time out from it. The easiest way to help you determine this is to close your eyes, zone in on your body and identify where you feel the heaviest, uncomfortable tension, tightness or even emptiness. Strange but, that could be your emotional trash can. When you drag out an old memory and play the broken record over and over again. You a watch the same old movie and become the failed actor – reliving unchangeable situations. Stroking and punching over old pains. When was the last time you opened your bin before the rubbish men collected it (every fortnight) and decided to rummage through the mouldy, stale, smelly and rotten items with your bear hands? Well this is what you do to yourself every time you dip into your emotional trash can and reinfect the rest of your mental, emotional and physical well being. How can you take time out? a simple little exercise, imagine a black dustbin bag, or a computer screen, when you revisit a thought or experience that you cannot change, one that offers up distress, anger, apathy or helplessness, put it in the black bag or press the delete button in your mind and watch the thought scrunch up and disappear. Or you can get a blank piece of paper, write them all down and burn the piece of paper afterwards. (in a safe place of course) 6) Are you already rich? Stand still, don’t move and think! You are the total sum of who you are and what you have right now, what would you be worth? Have you calculated it yet? I bet you anything you calculated your worth based on material things. House, car, cloths, phone, DVD’s, money in the bank, number of credit cards, assets and liabilities etc., Let me ask you another question: How much is one eye worth, one leg, your heart, a lung your teeth, how much would you sell them for? Even if one of them is not working to optimum, how much would it be worth, what offer would you take to encourage you to part with any part of your body? ‘500 or ‘10,000 for each eye, ‘25,000 or ‘500,000 per leg, what about your brain? just think of all the data stored in it, how much is that worth? If you keep yourself wrapped up in the first stage ‘always living in the past’ then you are not really utilising the full value of your brain which will in turn affect the second stage your body and look how much that is worth to you. You need to remind yourself that your body is of full benefit to you and that you could not carry your brain around properly or use it if your body is in a terrible state. Reading, playing games or relaxing is a good way of motivating yourself and keeping your mind on current issues instead of in the past. When your mind is fresh, you will regularly clear out your emotional trash can because you can feel it easily filling up because you are busy looking after your body and mind. The more you start to appreciate the value of your body and when you have read ‘Who moved my cheese?’ then you will be ready to keep making new things happen for you and your business. I did and now I am involved in the next phase of effectively networking my business. I joined Your business our business with the view to us all helping each other network our businesses so that we can all stay afloat and ride out this recession. 相关的主题文章: