Is to buy surface studio, or buy MacBook Pro shdoclc.dll

19 Nov

Is to buy Surface Studio, or buy MacBook Pro? Microsoft and apple have both released new products this week. First look at Microsoft. As the beginning of this week’s two heavy press conference, Microsoft did not get too much anticipation before the start of the conference. But on the user reaction, the conference or harvest a lot of praise. Most people pay attention to new products, rather than the latest release of Surface Studio integrated machine. Li Geng editor of the Surface Studio summary evaluation is: performance, design, function all amazing, the only drawback is the price (Mei) lattice (Qian). Netizen dude said: I think that this is a very far from the mainstream consumer conference, ordinary people can afford to buy the Surface Pro, Lumia Band, did not mention, can not afford to buy the Surface Book was upgraded but also increased, the direct release of the new Studio more than 20 thousand Surface… Lenovo’s acquisition of LinkedIn, I do not know is not Microsoft intends to dilute the consumer market, the full force of the enterprise market? In addition to Surface Studio, Surface Dial conference is the strength of the spotlight. Fan fan think that this is actually a bold innovation Microsoft. This is not just a simple "enhanced control" steps, but actually release the original "nothing" left hand, which is more close to the "creator" in reality and the working state of the left and right hand. Netizen Jiao Menglong exclaimed: Tian Na, Microsoft has always been to do productivity tools, this conference is not something amazing? The small knob on the screen to see the relevant information feedback. This is the future of science and technology, ah, you have not seen the future of Microsoft concept film? But there are also a netizen is said: Microsoft every time something really good, but there is always a strange sense of science and technology, not beautiful. If you want to learn more about Microsoft’s new release of product information, you can click on the Microsoft conference: the perfect new machine, update Surface Book, as well as the transition has not yet been achieved, the article link view. Love van Li Geng editor in the text has increased the number of questions and product related details. Only one day apart, Apple released the new MacBook Pro, the new modes of interaction Touch Bar war Surface Dial, then Windows and macOS years of war system plus the two conference held intensive, to a certain extent to the future direction of the computer. User mcjACky on the new MacBook Pro is so to see: for me like this only requires the general productivity tools and long life of the user, the new MBP相关的主题文章: