Is this some wrong face garrotte cosmetic disfigurement is equal to yuria

14 Nov

Is this some wrong face garrotte cosmetic makeup tips makeup common disfigurement is equal to the wrong way the women are now no make-up do not go out, the makeup for modern women, is almost a necessary skill. But many women is clearly on the craft master is not very good, easy to make some common mistakes in makeup, do not underestimate these small mistakes may destroy you oh. The makeup of these taboos have you noticed? The color error is very common with the hands and face, and a lot of beautiful women because of this problem are not destroyed. So for the beauty of women, not only to carefully build their own facial makeup, but also pay attention to their hands and neck makeup oh! At least the upper foundation, solve the problem of color difference! Concealer only cover the one you use Concealer is covered with black eye? It is wrong! Evenly, smear on the triangle area under the eyes in the weakening edge, this will look more natural. Continue to fill powder if all the time to fill in the face powder and rouge rouge deposited on top of the face will appear very unsightly spots at the end of the first nose will because of oil powder and mixed black constantly. Apply mascara and eyelash curler, this is completely wrong, good Mascara eyelashes will be relatively heavy, and stiff. At this time if you use the eyelash curler is likely the consequence is that the eyelash along down, if not out, clip out point is very rigid and straight upwards, no beauty at all. Cosmetic products with too long if your eye shadow for several years has never changed, please throw away! These beauty products also have a shelf life, from several months to two years, the product composition, the characters will change not to say, but also easily lead to allergies, The loss outweighs the gain. Using other cosmetics may become disease vectors, therefore, others don’t mess with the cosmetic, nor will their own people to lend freely used cosmetics. In the wrong light on the makeup of many women should have encountered such a problem, when the makeup at home feel very natural, but when it becomes very heavy makeup, seriously damaged the image of their own. This is wrong and the lights off oh! To avoid embarrassment, it is best to carry out our makeup work window. A blush blush with don’t think much, the face will be red like apples so sweet, if you do, will let others think you are a confused fashion of the elderly, if you can not handle this style of age (such as children), please do not use a lot of blush. Eye shadow painted deep eyes too deep deep eye shadow can not fan in Europe, and more like our national treasures, like the eyes glazed two or three days did not sleep well. If so, please pay special attention to eye shadow, trying to learn how to change good eye shadow, but not blindly enhance color. More exciting activities please pay attention to health information and health Chu [(dachujiankang)] WeChat public Tencent Chu WeChat matrix: Hubei’s largest mobile terminal matrix system, comprehensive coverage of 17 cities in Hubei, covering news, marriage, real estate, Home Furnishing, health and fashion)

人脸绞杀器 这几种错误化妆方法等于毁容化妆小常识 常见化妆错误方法大盘点现在不少女性都是不化妆不出门的,化妆对于现代女性来说,几乎是必备的一个技巧。但是很多女性显然对这门技巧掌握的不是很好,容易犯一些化妆中常见的错误,别小看这些小错误,也许会毁你容哦。化妆的这些禁忌,你注意过吗?手部和脸部有色差这个错误非常的常见,而很多女性的美丽也正因为这个问题而被破坏。所以对于爱美的女性来说,不仅要精心的打造自己脸部的妆容,还要注意下自己手部以及颈部等部位的妆容哦!最少也要上层粉底,解决一下色差的问题哦!遮瑕膏只遮盖一处你用遮瑕膏只是遮盖有黑眼圈的地方?那就错了!在眼睛下方的三角区域内涂抹均匀,弱化边缘,这样才会看起来足够自然。不断补粉如果终日不断地在脸上补粉,胭脂之上敷胭脂,脸上就会出现很不雅观的斑底,首先鼻子就会因不断的油粉混合而发黑。涂好睫毛膏再用睫毛夹这是完全错误的做法,上好睫毛膏的睫毛会比较沉重,而且僵硬。此时如果使用睫毛夹很可能造成的后果就是睫毛跟着一起掉下来了,即使没掉,夹出来的角度也是十分死板的直直往上翘,毫无美感可言。彩妆产品用太久如果你的眼影用了好几年从未换过的话,拜托请扔掉!这些美妆产品也是有保质期的,从几个月到两年不等,过了期的产品成分、性状都会发生变化不说,还容易引发过敏,得不偿失。用他人化妆品化妆品可能成为疾病传染媒介,因此,不要乱用他人化妆品化妆,也不要将自已用过的化妆品随意借给别人。在错误灯光下上妆很多女性应该都遇到过这样的问题,在家中化妆的时候觉得非常的自然,但是一出门就变成了非常浓重的妆容,严重的破坏了自身的形象。而这一点就与错误的灯光脱不开关系哦!想要避免尴尬,那就最好在窗边进行我们的化妆工作。大量涂腮红不要以为腮红用多了,脸就会红扑扑的像苹果那样可爱,如果你这么做了,只会让别人以为你是一个不解时尚的老人家,如果你没有能够驾驭这样风格的年龄(比如小朋友),请不要大量使用腮红。眼影画得太深太深深深的眼影可不是欧美范的深邃眼睛,而更像——我国国宝,双眼无神如同两三天没睡好觉的样子。所以,如果特别注重眼影的话,请努力学习如何化好眼影,而不一味加深颜色。更多健康资讯和精彩活动请关注【大楚健康(dachujiankang)】微信公众号腾讯大楚网微信矩阵:湖北最大的移动端矩阵体系,全面覆盖湖北17个地市州 ,内容涵盖新闻、婚嫁、房产、家居、健康、时尚等,微信订阅人数近300万。搜索关注:大楚网(dachuwang)大楚宜昌 (hbqqyc)大楚鄂东(dachued)大楚孝感(dachuxiaogan)大楚十堰(dachusy)大楚荆门(dachujingmen)大楚荆州 (hbqqjz)大楚黄冈(dachuhg)大楚恩施(enshitengchu)大楚仙桃(dachuxiantao)相关的主题文章: