Is the course boring Chinese professors use facial recognition technology to judge students’ interes invictus gaming

19 Nov

Is the course boring? Chinese professor uses facial recognition technology to determine the student interest diagram to determine whether the students feel bored when the data screenshot. Wei Xiaoyong is a professor of computer science at Sichuan University. Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 19th news, a professor at Sichuan University, China, the use of facial recognition technology to determine the degree of interest in the course of their own students. According to him, this tool can be widely used in the field of education. The professor’s name is Wei Xiaoyong. He developed a new face recognition technology, can be identified by the students face, students feel, or judgment is flat and uninteresting interest. Professor Wei said, this technology created a curve for each student to show their emotions is "happy" or "neutral", and these data can reflect whether the students of course feel boring. "We will associate the information with the teaching method, and then with the timeline, so that you can know where you really caught the attention of the students." Professor Wei said, "then you can ask them to teach the content of the method is inappropriate, or the content of the students can accept." Five years ago, Professor Wei has just begun to use facial recognition devices, as a tool for daily roll call. He said the teacher came to the school, he always forget to check attendance, therefore, he found a "naming method so boring and a waste of time". Professor Wei has extended the technology to several friends and colleagues who teach at other universities in China, and hopes that the recently developed "sentiment analysis technology" will be more widely used. It can be used in the fields of social science, psychology and other fields." He pointed out. Face recognition technology is becoming more and more popular in China today. This year in April, excellent step (Uber) in the Chinese market has also introduced the technology, according to the company said that this is the world’s first industry. Last year, China launched the world’s first ATM technology with facial recognition, bank staff believes that this can further ensure the safety of the card". (leaves)相关的主题文章: