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16 Apr

Iran denied that the Russian Defense Minister -30 will purchase two blacklisted Sohu Military Channel Map: Iran air force F-14 fighter has close to death, the attendance rate has been very low. Data figure: Iran’s defense minister que hegan. Observer network: November 26th, Reuters, Iran’s defense minister Dahegan denied earlier media reports said the country is Russia negotiation Su -30 fighter reports. Dahegan said that Iran is indeed seeking to build a modern air force, he stressed that Iran will be able to meet all their needs to seek help from the States, in addition to the United States and israel. This raises speculation about whether Iran will switch to other countries to buy advanced fighter jets. Reuters said on Saturday, a number of media reports, Iran’s defense minister was asked on the day when que Hegan is ready to purchase Russian Su -30 fighter replied: "buy this fighter has been put on the agenda the Department of defense." But later said the report is not accurate". Iran’s defense ministry website quoted Dahegan only said: "enhanced air power to meet the growing demand for air defense is a priority for the Department of defense," but did not explain the specific procurement of aircraft. Earlier this year, he said Gan Tehran and Moscow has already begun to provide Iran Sukhois affairs talks. The deal will need to be approved by the UN Security Council, which is likely to add to Moscow’s ties with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United states. August this year, Iran to open air base in Russia to assist the Russian military air strikes to support the government of Syria. Not only the United States accused the action, some members of Iran also think this action is inappropriate. According to Iran news agency reported, Tasmania mother, Dahegan was asked whether he could allow Russian aircraft into the air force base in Iran, he replied: "if necessary, Iran will once again allow Russian fighters use Hamedan air force base," Dahegan declined to comment on the Russian side related reports on Iran and Russia $10 billion worth of arms trade negotiations. "You should ask the Russians about it," Dahegan said. According to the Iran news agency, TASS parent report of 26 days before the end of the interview, Dahegan clarified: in order to meet the needs of national defense, Iran will work with any possible to meet the needs of the country of origin of talks, in addition to the United States and israel. In addition, he said, no matter what kind of aircraft purchase, Iran will require at least part of the production work in the country. He said that the Iran army is focused on the air force fighter problem. We are trying to reach a contract. We told them that we were going to join the production." Not long ago, there are rumors that the Zhuhai air show, Iran’s military aircraft to develop "fierce dragon fighter aircraft manufacturing company to visit Chinese. In fact, have a lot of equipment of the Pakistan air force FC-1 is very suitable for a model of the country needs, cooperative production, technology transfer has no obstacle, but the Iran air force can put down the "double heavy machine persistent", is another question.相关的主题文章: