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15 Jun

Software W3C has decided not to improve XHTML2 and promoted HTML 5 as a latest version has created some controversy but most of the vendors adapted HTML 5 as their latest language of development. Web has its impact but mobile has greater impact of this decision and most of the platform has responded positively except Window mobile. iPhone, iPad and Android has started web app development using HTML 5. With the .bination of CSS3 and advance JavaScript, HTML 5 gives satisfactory results for web app development. HTML 5 has acceptability of the Flash like .ponent which can be easily embedded without the support of third party plug-ins. Thus, web apps built with HTML 5 has broad appeal over a large spectrum of smartphones and tablet market. With the help of HTML 5 you can create web apps which are interactive and attractive as Flash applications because HTML 5 allows you to directly embed audio or video into your web app even without the support of any add-ons. Apple, Google and other enterprises have adopted HTML 5 as their main language of development and allows web app development over the cross platforms so you can cover-up many platform in the development and hence you are able to justify large audience for your application. iPhone, iPad and Android web apps development using HTML 5 is a cost effective effort since you need less code and hence shorter time for the development that in return saves your hard earned bucks at greater extent. HTML 5 can add additional feathers in the cap by supporting audio, video streaming, new offline storage capacity, two-dimensional graphics and improved geo location services. There are bunch of features offered by HTML 5 that makes it a .plete language of web app development. Majority of developers use HTML 5 instead of Flash thus HTML 5 put Flash behind the wall and usage of Flash be.es limited. Thus HTML 5 be.es an industry standard and devices manufactures have devised their devices such a way that they fully utilize the advanced features of HTML 5. So use of HTML 5 increased with the time because use of handheld devices be.es the status quo among the masses. In short, mobile platform has tendency to increase the use of HTML 5 instead native languages of iOS and Android. No developer likes to have invested in their time and effort for many languages and prefer to use one language instead of many. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: