Investigation of filial piety old false how to implement the implementation of false to implement –

17 Nov

Survey: "filial piety old false" how to implement the "false" to implement? Beijing – the day before, the Beijing municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the "Beijing times" 13th Five-Year "aging development plan". Planning pointed out that to encourage employers to give employees in their elderly elders birthday, old age and the need for rehabilitation services, hospice care services to visit relatives leave. In recent years, "dysmenorrhea" false "two and a half days off" and other holiday welfare had been launched, but many are difficult to implement in embarrassment. How to make a variety of false implemented, triggering widespread discussion. Recently, according to a survey by the social survey center of China Youth Daily net through the questionnaire of 2001 people, 72.6% of the respondents think "filial piety old false" necessary, but 84.3% of respondents worry about "filial piety old fake" difficult to implement. Let the holiday really become employee benefits, 57.5% of the respondents proposed to protect paid vacation. 72.6% of respondents felt that the old fake filial piety, it is necessary to survey shows that 72.6% of respondents felt that the old fake filial piety is necessary, 14.9% of respondents felt that there is no need, and 12.5% of respondents feel bad. The work of a foreign enterprise in Beijing Xu Bridge, her annual paid leave only 8 days, "my account is not in Beijing, back home to do a procedure, and two or three days gone, paid annual leave are used to handle their own affairs, to spare your parents, impossible." Xu Bridge said that since she went to college, she never gave her parents a birthday. For the moment to encourage Hugh "filial piety old false", 66.2% of the respondents think that is very necessary, caring for the elderly, 65.7% of respondents think the policy encourage is good, 55.9% of the respondents were worried about a "paper welfare", 7.9% of respondents did not feel the need, influence. Beijing law firm lawyers said Zhang Xingshui, work pressure, social intercourse, often work overtime, many families are only children, some of the old year only the Spring Festival to see the child, "filial piety old false" can be implemented is certainly a good thing". Associate Professor, School of public administration, Renmin University of China, said Li Wenzhao, policy advocacy vacation, symbolic significance than practical significance. On the one hand, this shows that the government supports young people with practical action to honor the elderly, played a leading role. There are conditions for the implementation of policy on units will put "respect" as one of the most important values. On the other hand, the whole society still has the opportunity to implement. These holidays are meaningful for the revival of traditional culture, to promote the concept of change, to develop good quality, etc.". Xu Qiao said, some work in the government’s classmates, basically to ensure every year 20 days of home leave, but for them it is impossible, "my best hope is now less overtime, after returning home with their parents, video chat and energy". Survey, 84.3% of respondents worried about the implementation of filial piety old false, of which 32.6% of respondents are very worried. 57.5% of respondents suggested that the protection of paid leave, filial piety old false false leave, in the survey, 59.5% of respondents.相关的主题文章: