Inventory of those cross actor Huang Bo Wu Xiubo play more to Han qing! (video)

16 Apr

Inventory of those cross actor Huang Bo Wu Xiubo play more to Han qing! Tencent entertainment news said the entertainment star cross-border, as early as nothing new. Today, a number of performing arts in the circle of the famous handsome uncle, play well, but also the cross-border play a different style. 1, "Adorable uncle Han Qing to play cross when the director" Uncle newhalf "guide" Idol "this opens the big brain" low-key, talented, and residual value of Yan "uncle, name, estimated to ask you one face" by the circle"! But the "tiger mother cat dad" the wolf dad du you must be handsome, many sisters in no less selfish estimation YY "tiger mother wolf dad" together to "or couple" in super daddy Xu Zhile, although experienced twists and turns, but the end is warm and tender; "separation" in Jin Zhiming, Han Qing by acting the audience "hated teeth itch", has also been the traditional man’s father moved! In other words, others are relying on acting suck powder, Word uncle, you rely on acting "trick black" know? The recent hit "Hey, kid", "super adorable uncle" is Beijing, the old wife very happy feeling, "Friends of women" free, "newhalf" very cute. Han Qing was a 0 scandal, purely acting will "road turn powder" good actor. Word MOE uncle Han leg length 2 m long five! Hum! Acting people, will lie! Just be "Adorable uncle" is Beijing woman who circle powder, peeling your God, Anita Yuen, Myolie Wu, Haifeng Ding gathered from Pu Cunxin, the "big coffee" adoption started doing B group director, and then to the "nine sky" director, this year there is a new movie "counter attack stardom dazzling"! Han Qing "play and an excellent guide", convert between actor and director of the two kinds of identity, and what is more, he has the kind of Open temperament, playing a middle-aged "Adorable uncle", also obtained little meat of the youth idol drama! Han Qing, the cross men of God, I give out???? – 2, Huang Lei love delicacy yellow kitchen warm pyrotechnic gas Huang Lei is known as a high IQ EQ, years of career, he has already set the actor, writer, teacher identity. Xu Zhimo’s wit "world in April day" in a warm and affectionate incarnation of warm adorable gourmet, "Huang Xiaochu" with a warm human pyrotechnic gas, this cross very warm heart! 3, Huang Bo music dream does not fall, inspirational ugly man of God, Huang Bo, is a lot of good hearts of the sisters! People familiar with Huang Bo know, Huang Bo before acting, is removed from the field in a cabaret singer. Now, the record company signed a contract with SONY very influential actor, singer, "crossover" is the process of re dream, is starting again. At the beginning of the heart unforgettable, dream music does not fall to 4, Wu Xiubo from the actor to the traveler, "Uncle" cross "art wave uncle" is art, but he is more story to travelers from the actor, uncle said: I love to travel around, but I love the word street. Travel will be far away from home, so every warm place is a home. By traveling, you can feel the warmth of life better. In the travel only care about, put aside trivial work, your heart will become more free. I’m in Austria.相关的主题文章: