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17 Nov

To stock   don’t "hop" (people’s livelihood survey? On the property to the inventory (below)) – Finance – core reading reporter survey found that part of the second tier city housing stock to increase, the pressure eased, but the commercial office inventory has increased, some of the outskirts of the City and even the whole office building vacancy situation. We should also pay attention to the inventory. Around the country are also taking measures to encourage private capital acquisitions, allowing the transformation of real estate purposes, adjust the proportion of commercial and residential, digest commercial inventory. Into September, the traditional sense of the property market season. People are most concerned about housing prices, and behind the price figures, reflecting the most basic relationship between supply and demand. A series of policies and market regulation, how to go to inventory? Vacant property is still more? Commercial, residential situation how? Reporters in Tianjin, Lanzhou, Shenyang and other cities were investigated. "Downsizing" effect of residential inventory pressure in Lanzhou, Mr. Wang found that recently their own district, not only prices rose, the house for sale quantity is less. Mr. Wang wants to buy a real estate in the local area of the town of Green. After consulting found that just a year, the district’s house rose nearly 4000 yuan per square meter, optional floor is also very limited. I have a friend last year to buy a square meter to more than 9800 yuan, this month has risen to more than 13000 yuan, but only to the 1 floor." Yan beach area away from the commercial center, but sales heat unabated. Away from the commercial center of the house is also selling fast, thanks to the steady progress of Lanzhou rail transit and urban road network construction, property buyers on the more remote areas of real estate projects increased acceptance. Wang phase of the area because of the adjacent construction of Lanzhou rail transit line two, higher sales. At the same time, along with the Lanzhou culture and education, health and other basic facilities are average, the population does not need to be concentrated in the vicinity of a school or a hospital, continue to expand the living space outside the old city, Lanzhou real estate sales potential is being constantly digging out. As of June, Lanzhou commercial housing completed a total inventory of sales area of 2 million 127 thousand and 700 square meters, to a period of about 4 months, Lanzhou City real estate bureau responsible person that, relative to the capital city of a population of about 3000000, Lanzhou City, inventory pressure, commercial housing inventory area is kept in a reasonable range. In Tianjin, commercial housing inventory pressure is not large. According to the Institute of real estate data released, as of January 2016, the Tianjin property market sales accounted for 15 months; as of June 2016, Tianjin total inventory of 19 million 700 thousand square meters, sales ratio of 10 months. This data is just close to the current round of rising property market, such as Guangzhou Shenzhen Shenzhen stock market than the first tier cities." Tianjin, a large real estate development company marketing director Zhang told reporters. At present, Tianjin ‘s sales and sales ratio is’ 1.5′ line of the city’s average level, only about a little more than 8 months of first tier cities." Ms. Zhang introduced, residential sales ratio is generally residential stock and the ratio of sales in the month to reflect the living相关的主题文章: