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15 Apr

International Zhang Yuning father: for the training of the son "sale" Shanghai 8 Suites – Sohu news site to watch the game of Zhang Yuning’s father Vettese Zhang Yuning family portrait of Zhang Quancheng’s "football parenting modiao son stadium violent temper encouraged his son rob No. 9" at least two or three years, he will not return. Everyone likes money, I like money, too. Zhang and I now have not what money, but I spent so much effort to cultivate son and cost, I still want to let him become a better player in europe." – Zhang Yuning has been facing many domestic giants such as Zhang Yuning home, the panic buying, will bring huge sign Fei Hechao million annual salary, but for the invitation, Zhang Quancheng refused all the Orangemen in Kunming 0 0 draw with Qatar, fans are the 0 more than 0 sadly sigh, also led the Orangemen hit 374 minutes without scoring record. But even so, in the middle of the card battle before the game, Lippi praised the most is still the national football striker Zhang Yuning. In an interview with "Italy football", Lippi used the "unique players in the team" to describe Zhang Yuning, and even called it "the only player in China who knows what to do without a ball". Accept Tencent sports interview yesterday, Lippi once again brought up Zhang Yuning, "Zhang Yuning is only 19 years old, he and other young players not Liuyang, of great help for him to play in europe." Many people are envious of Zhang Yuning’s extraordinary life, but few people know what to today, Zhang Yuning and his family have to pay? Know the son more father Zhang Yuning father in November 13th of the first card before the accurate prediction of the son, the Chengdu Daily reporter on WeChat, Zhang Yuning’s father asked whether Zhang Quancheng has arrived in Kunming, this is because become international in Zhang Yuning, every country foot in domestic competitions, Zhang Quancheng will come to watch the battle scene. "The plane hasn’t taken off yet, and in the future will be staying in Kunming." Zhang Quancheng reply to the Chengdu Business Daily reporter in WeChat. This is the country foot Wanda Mandarin Hotel in Kunming, Zhang Quancheng chose to live here, but also want from the son of some of the more recent, although he did not bother Zhang Yuning before the game. "This time the coach replaced Gao Hongbo with Lippi, do you think Zhang Yuning will be the main force?" This reporter is not only concerned, Zhang Quancheng also concerned, "as if the media reported Lippi to hit the 433 formation of the words, I think he has a chance, because the most popular Holland is 433, he is also familiar with this formation." War card in November 15th, the new Lippi was the starting center for the 19 year old Zhang Yuning, in fact, this game to the team because Zhang Yuning was too late, the body is not at its best, but also to the first half of his foot on a small pit, the second half is actually with injuries continue to adhere to the game, is expected to return to Holland after the injury will make him a truce for a period of time. Father and son with his son in Shanghai to study the ball mutual help Zhang Quancheng did buy eight suites as Wenzhou Cangnan, when Zhang Quancheng was a very successful foreign trader and also mountain相关的主题文章: