In the face of traffic jam problem Meng Fei personally staged traffic police enforcement

19 Nov

In the face of the traffic jammed Meng Fei personally staged "traffic police" – Beijing, Beijing, September 14, yesterday, "Lu Yu" broke the latest administrative micro-blog "Mingzui guest host" Meng Fei suspected in the car on the way some people want to jump the queue "queue", and "Rage" female driver the picture. Instantly caused a hot friends, many users have been forwarded in a short time, there are friends said: Meng grandfather is the same, in the face of the old road killer is also a common way to kill. Recently, "Lu Yu about" the official micro-blog broke the news of a group of Meng Fei for driving on the way encountered the driver jammed "Curse" of the picture. It is understood that was recorded in "Lu Yu about big coffee day" program, the incarnation of Meng Fei "Meng Daoyou" Lu Yu drove tour of Nanjing, feeling a day of leisure life. In two people talk quite well when, suddenly a car to jump the queue of the car, at this time Meng Fei a "indignant" look in the car and shouted: "I will not let her play, sitting next to Lu Yu was carefully observed each other is a female driver, then Meng Fei joked:" if the driver said, let her butt ". Some netizens said: no matter how to obey the traffic rules is everyone’s obligation and basic morality, can not condone. It is understood that Meng Fei and "why not let the angry driver: first, to hint at inclusion, for their safety; second, if everyone in the way not to behave, want others to their own way, that this society is messed up. In fact, encountered such a problem is two seconds, there is no need to fight for these two seconds, we are on the road or safety first. The trip to Nanjing, Meng Fei also invited Lu Yu to "Meng Fei small" lunch, according to informed sources claimed during lunch, has been speculation that Lu Yu does not love to eat, the face of "Meng Fei small" has proved inviting, and the amount of their own food. More interesting is Meng Fei’s dog "Meng Xiaofa" this will also offer their own "screen primary mirror", agile "Meng Xiaofa" at the scene have trouble, but also for everyone to bring a lot of joy. One day on his way to Nanjing, Meng Fei and Lu Yu also went to Nanjing very famous "Yongfeng poetry", with feelings of Nanjing local local customs and practices. It is reported that "Lu Yu about big coffee day" in September 16 Japan 21:10 Friday night in Southeast TV broadcast.相关的主题文章: