In High Spirits The Alcoholic

14 Jun

Good Times May Lead To Absolute Misery Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, considered integral aspects of a mans sovereign rights, is a popular phrase which has been deemed one of the most well-crafted and influential articulation of the human aspiration. The irony lies in the wisdom or its lack thereof in the choice of the objects of this pursuit. In our eagerness to find a shortcut, alcohol is perceived to be a road to heaven. Making it(alcohol) an integral part of ones life, though, carves an inescapable passage through the gates of hell. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that there are about 200 crore people worldwide who consume alcoholic beverages. If statistics are to be believed then 2 out of every 7 person all over the world subscribe to the view that alcohol is a worthwhile element in the pursuit of happiness. Consequently the number of people who have managed a free ticket through the gates of hell is not small either 7.63 crore people have been diagnosed with alcohol related disorders and 25 lakh die each year due to harmful use of alcohol. The Spirit of Madness and Insanity The habit of the human mind to justify its actions always provides for a supply of good reasons for our unhealthy and unsustainable indulgences. Alcohol is a known depressant drug, and yet it is consumed to escape from depression and boredom! It slows down the activity of the brain, contains absolutely no nutrients and does not help in relieving tension, inducing sleep or solving problems for that matter. The total number of alcohol attributable deaths was 22.5 lakh in 2004 which accounts for more deaths caused by HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis. Evidently, 4% of all deaths the world over are attributable to alcohol. Some of the major diseases causally linked to alcohol include neuropsychiatric disorders like epilepsy, gastrointestinal diseases like liver cirrhosis and pancreatitis, and cancers of the colorectum, female breast, larynx, liver, oesophagus, oral cavity and pharynx. Heavy drinking has been linked to suicide and violence apart from almost all categories of unintentional injuries like road traffic accidents, falls, drowning, poisoning, etc. Alcohol has also been identified as a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, keeping in mind the ambiguous theories of the benefits of light amounts of drinking. Studies suggest that alcohol effects hypertension, cardiac dysrhythmias and haemorrhagic strokes, irrespective of the consumption levels. Fetal alcohol syndrome and pre-term birth .plication affect those who are expectant mothers and in the habit of consuming alcohol. Also, a dual relationship exists between diabetes mellitus and heavy alcohol drinking . Pursuit of Happiness It is quite evident from the above picture that happiness has nothing to do with the consumption of alcohol. Freedom has its share of responsibilities and is not synonymous with licentious behaviour, although generally the two are confused. Life does give us a second chance and its wise to grab it with both hands lest we pay a price too heavy. For a drinker not only brings harm to himself, the society at large faces tragic consequences. As an example, in Australia 367 people died, 13,699 were hospitalized and more than 2.1 lakh children were heavily affected in just a year, simply because someone else was drinking. The role which all of us can play, considering the curse of alcoholism, is to spread the word. The starting point can always be the people around us. If they are not convinced by the statistics, a look at their own health will reveal the truth of the impending calamity. A preventive health checkup of all the vital .ans will be the ultimate testament, shedding light on the worthwhile objects of pursuit leading to real happiness! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: