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15 Apr

In China, the trend of younger age of 90% patients with depression without professional treatment of original title: China’s depression trend of younger age of 90% patients without professional treatment according to the Xinhua news agency with several celebrities suffering from depression news events reported, people gradually face depression problems. WHO statistics, there are about 340 million patients with depression, depression has become a disease can not be ignored. Accept the intervention and treatment of only 10% patients in Southwest Hospital of Third Military Medical University director department of clinical psychology Qu Wei, more than 20 years of contact with depression. She told reporters that in 2009 the famous medical magazine, the lancet, an epidemiological survey estimates that China’s depression has reached 90 million. Qu Wei said that the data show that the recognition rate of depression in China is only 21%, well below the world average of about 55.65%, only the intervention and treatment of only 10%. This means that nearly 80% of patients with depression have not been found, and 90% of patients with depression has not been standardized professional treatment. Depression is a trend of younger age of Institute of Psychology.CAS professor Zhu Zhuohong said, today, depression shows a trend of younger age. For younger patients, a large part is influenced by their parents. Junior high school Mandy (a pseudonym) is a depression patients. She said: "Mom and dad always told me that the competition between students will affect my future study. Every day I go to school will be upset, I think the students are enemies, do not want to say a word with them." To overcome the "stigma" despite the depression has been described as "the spirit of the cold", but to the hospital to see a cold compared to patients with mental illness into related department visits, apparently takes a lot of courage. Patients and their families "stigma", is a major stumbling block in treatment of patients". Qu Wei said, in order to eliminate depression "stigma", encourage patients to seek medical attention, first of all to the whole society to face depression, improve the public cognition of this disease. Experts advise that if there is a continuous change in sleep, fatigue, attention can not be concentrated, can not produce a sense of pleasure, etc., should be considered for drug treatment and psychological treatment. According to reports, since 1980s, depression treatment research has made great progress, especially the birth of the third generation of antidepressants 5- serotonin reuptake inhibitors, opened a new chapter in the treatment of depression. However, at present, the cure rate of first-line antidepressants is only 30%, and the patients are easy to discontinue the drug treatment. It is worth noting that the more understanding and care of family members of patients, patients can improve the symptoms. Otherwise, even temporarily improved, it is difficult to maintain the stability of efficacy. In addition, electric shock therapy, vagus nerve stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation and other physical therapy, is also one of the treatment of depression. Source: Express responsibility editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: