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15 Apr

In "bestie intervention" scandal will be voted this park? Sohu News – South Korean President Park Geun hye in big trouble. The rapid fermentation of "bestie intervention" scandal of the suddenness of a thunderbolt to stir the world public opinion, "the story" surprising, even let Pu Jinhui faced impeachment of the tragic situation. The fuse of this thing is actually the Zheng Weiluo incident. Zheng Weiluo, a girl doesn’t do well, with temporary special project "equestrian students" into the Ewha University (general ranking for South Korea ten). This caused the South Korean media "alert", after the discovery of Zheng Weiluo’s mother Cui Shunshi and dig the park’s "bestie turn". If not for the last story idea to surprise, I believe that this incident will not lead to neighbours and to the attention of the world. There are small partners in the background to know the political system (ID:upolitics) message, ask whether you can spread in advance, just by saying the weekend. Who is Cui Shunshi? 40 years is a companion in adversity and park Geun hye sister if not Cui Shunshi has to admit that part of the fact, it may still remain in the level of political gossip. "The pillow of politics" and "parental intervention", which appeared in the world of politics, however, speak of "bestie" interference in politics, political know (ID:upolitics) is the first time I heard. We first talk about "bestie", say "intervention" thing. Cui along 60 years old, South Korean media said her 64 year old sister Park "". Photographed by the media Cui Shunshi talking about the relationship between the two, have to mention the tragic life of the park early, is generally believed that the early experiences of Park Geun hye’s character plays a key role. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Asia Pacific and global strategy associate researcher Wang Xiaoling in the South Korea why can not choose a good president? "Today, South Korean people recognize that the president is not only a lack of leadership, but also a special personal experience of his character with a paranoid and emotional weakness…… Pu Jinhui hard to trust not close to the people, after the election of the president for the poor communication between the government and the community, personnel appointments and failures. Pu Jinhui stubborn and emotional character is in her treatment at home and abroad of crisis events behaved most incisive. Emotional people elected the emotional president, park Geun hye took office is the result of her personal experience with the political culture of South Korea, but this is not an accident. In 1974, after her mother Lu Yingxiu was assassinated, Cui Taimin (the father of her father) had a great influence on Park Geun hye, and was considered to be her "mentor"". According to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported that, later, Cui Taimin founded a number of religious groups and patriotic groups, Pu Jinhui have participated in. And Cui Shunshi, as the fifth daughters of Cui Taimin, was also relieved by the lonely Park Geun hye. "The Central Daily" said that the two people after the death of Pu Jinhui’s mother gradually become intimate. Before his father, former president Pu Zhengxi was assassinated in 1979, before entering politics in 1997, Pu Jinhui spent 18 years of seclusion. "Central Daily" that she is more in this period相关的主题文章: