In addition to the revitalization of the northeast, 300 million big coscoqd

18 Nov

In addition to the revitalization of the northeast, "300 million big" by bribery 306 million yuan, with dozens of Audi BMW benz…… 21 days, Heilongjiang Dragon Coal Group supplies branch deputy general manager in Tieyi by the court sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve sentenced to life imprisonment. This case is the amount of bribery cases so far in the case of the highest court in Tieyi, after Wei Pengyuan, Bai has become a life imprisonment for national staff. Yes, that is difficult to operate, unable to pay the Dragon coal group. Many users see such a subsidiary of the group was able to take bribes 300 million yuan, very surprised. But to see that in the 90s of last century, there are some state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, the loss of profits. "Water tiger" Ma Chaoqun as a cadre corruption billion, with the gap of power and environment supervision is not equal, and in Tieyi is also true. Many economists, experts believe that some state-owned enterprises focus drag on the economy in the northeast, in the case of Tieyi essentially this conclusion to add examples. Media reports, before the incident in Tieyi served as involved branch deputy general manager, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Party committee investigator positions, the unit is equivalent to the Party committee deputy department. In theory, the majority of enterprises rely on customer service to the survival and development of enterprises, managers only employees, is the exercise of a right, as accountability to the property owner, but in Tieyi who is himself an official, is that their exercise of power, bribery is false to power rent-seeking. Such enterprises, it is difficult to operate well for a long time. Premier Li Keqiang recently on investment but Shanhaiguan is very concerned about. Northeast China’s state-owned enterprises is not only caused by their own problems, they also led to the deterioration of the overall investment environment. In their own Tieyi has no power, their power comes from the non market authorization system. Some of the losses of state-owned enterprises, continue to use taxpayers’ money to fill, a variety of policies should also take into account the existence of their existence, such an investment environment, will scare away investors. For example, the pension burden of state-owned enterprises to make the proportion of pension payments in the northeast can not fall down, it scared investment. Everyone knows the truth, for the Northeast Economic Inquiry many officials also know. I believe they are willing to change the status quo, but the direction of the reform of state-owned enterprises in Northeast has not been clear. There are factors of interest groups, but also the concept of factors, there are a variety of external constraints. The State Council recently in the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base to promote the meeting, Premier Li Keqiang said "many entrepreneurs reflect, some northeast of the business environment and the south there is indeed not a small gap"; Heilongjiang governor Lu Hao is let under local units read two articles about the problem of industrial structure in the article to want to get rid of those constraints. These constraints, including some state-owned enterprises to solve the chaos. Northeast can not let the market speak, state-owned enterprises is a big test. Move and change of state-owned enterprises, to get out of "300 million big" parasitic lesions, in order to allow investors to have confidence in the development of the northeast, northeast of the outflow of talent will return, "northeast" is not mere slogan.相关的主题文章: