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17 Apr

I was lucky to meet you so unfortunately from the salon Chen little before the wedding a month with her boyfriend, because her boyfriend and her subordinates off the track. But she was in a calm mood. Her friend was puzzled, when her boyfriend to make this kind of sorry for her, she would like nothing like. She smiled, and then said to his friend, I do not because of his generosity to him, but I have no illusions about him. In other words, cause the current situation she has to bear half the responsibility, she too do for their own life, would have been such a "punishment". She is so patchy, because she had always been a person. It is to meet you when I was in University, she is in love with a influential man Ji Huan, but he had a beauty to accompany the side. She can only watch silently in the side, but she does not know is that in Ji Huan’s memory, she is also a special. For example, when it rained, she was late, and the cold air outside the door opened. He sat in the first row, see the rain touched her hair, lining looks more a thorough wash. For example, sometimes sitting in front of her, she could hear the sound of the class eating chocolate, or with her roommate low voice chat. For example, often met her on the road, she is always a man, wearing headphones down his head, he always greeted her easily ignored. Ji Hwan and his girlfriend are high school students, and later admitted to the same university. Can the future in order to discredit his girlfriend, professor in front of said he was ill, so he originally belonged to the opportunity to go abroad on her hand. Ji Hwan and his girlfriend eventually parted, because this love is over too embarrassed, let him once again face the feelings always remain skeptical. This is no reason to accept Chen Ji Huan he became small, do not believe in love, don’t believe a woman. After many years, the two met again at the reunion. Chen Xiao Xiao Gang and former fiance broke up, Ji Huangang ended a paradoxical love. But she could not deny that you have so little left to look forward to, like the wood had been extinguished, looked quiet, breath is also hidden inside a red mars. When young, Ji Huan drifting between two people and his girlfriend Chen little, while maintaining a relationship with his girlfriend, while Chen and a little ambiguous, let her hope. And Chen too timid, too weak, so she can not say no words. Today, when two people sail past the best, emotional maturity, the face of love or less a passion, but there will always be more of a responsibility and respect. Presumably, give each other a chance, maybe there will be a good ending. (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: