Hundreds of vehicles Mazda occupy the S1 subway line outside Wupaiwuzheng with retrograde stop

18 Nov

Hundreds of vehicles Mazda occupy the S1 subway line outside Wupaiwuzheng with stop retrograde illegal operation of "Mazda" in a long row of ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express trainee reporter Jetion photo recently, some people reflect, Nanjing Metro Line S1 Station North Station No. 1 Xiangyu Road, there are many unlicensed, unlicensed "Mazda" the illegal operation, not only affect the traffic safety, to the road transport market order caused confusion. Modern Express reporter Ding Sheng Li Na ZAKER in Nanjing less than 1 square meters of the car 3 people crowded the day before yesterday morning, the modern express reporter came to the subway line No. S1 Xiangyu Road North station. Just out of number 1, the reporter encountered "enthusiasm" Chazhan: several "Mazda" owners keep at the exit, to each station greeted the passengers: "where are you? Send one to send it." The roadside, nearly a hundred red three wheeled Mazda along the non motor vehicle lane about 200 meters. Reporters came to a distance of 50 meters from the subway exit a bus platform, a Mazda owners approached approached, asked reporters to go where. When a reporter said he would go to JINKEN college, he hastened to say: 15 dollars a person, and now the car is a poor man. Wait at least half an hour to wait for a bus." Subsequently, the reporter received his own car, the reporter saw, the interior space of less than 1 square meters, two platoon seat face, the car sat two girls, all of them with their luggage, the car is very crowded. Reporters found that these Mazda no license plate, there is no operating documents. Bring to people, they quickly in the fast lane, free parking, free turn and retrograde. To the bus, taxi difficult to play at the bus station, a JINKEN college student Chen told reporters, take the "Mazda" are two universities and college students in Jincheng College of JINKEN. Because the school is under the subway, only one road 862 bus can bus, but a longer time interval, and from the subway station to the school to half an hour, so many students are accustomed to take the "Mazda" travel. Yesterday was the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday after the end of the subway to school, particularly students. Reporter rough count, every subway stop, there are about 6 Mazda can be carried to the passengers to leave. And here, in addition to the difficulty of the bus, there is no public bike, it is difficult to hit a taxi. And the traffic police to fight guerrilla, repeated more than "Mazda" is not allowed to carry such a three wheeled motorcycle, but why the "Mazda" so rampant? A nearby residents said, because the Jincheng college and JINKEN college two universities here, there are also some nearby factories, which provides a rich source for "Mazda"; and the lack of facilities near the subway station, the bus is difficult, given the "Mazda" opportunity. So, so many violations of Mazda will be how to deal with? In this regard, Jiangning traffic police said that as long as we see, will be investigated. But Mazda mobility is very strong, and the police often play guerrilla, repeated, they are also very distressed. If the public hand in hand.相关的主题文章: