Hunan International Tourism Festival, Zhangjiajie Declaration on cooperation of world travel agents

10 Apr

Hunan International Tourism Festival released "world travel business cooperation Zhangjiajie declaration" – Beijing, the original title: Hunan international tourism festival international norm full release of the "world travel business cooperation Zhangjiajie declaration" in Zhangjiajie on 12 September, (the 12, Liu) Chinese (Hunan) International Travel Business Conference and China Hunan International Tourism Festival opened in the world-renowned landscape in Zhangjiajie. Artistic performance at the opening ceremony. Lu Wenwei Photo Day opening ceremony is "morning international norm full, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the World Tourism City Federation (WTCF), the Asian city tourism agency (TPO), the National Tourism Association and other international and regional officials to attend, guests are from Russia, France, Philippines, South Korea, Holland, Japan, Laos, Thailand and other 23 countries and regions. Travel agencies through communication and discussion, jointly issued the Zhangjiajie Declaration on the world tour operators, and establish a monument of the declaration, which is the first time in china. China (Hunan) International Travel Business Conference Zhangjiajie declaration. Lu Wenwei   taking the opening ceremony from the concept of the wisdom of tourism, the introduction of "robot guide", showing the interactive experience of tourism, tourism and science and technology to achieve the combination of tourism to explore the future direction of development. When asked whether the foreign host can bring the beauty of Zhangjiajie tour, tour guide robot humorously replied: "I will use" the force ", you have fun." The event organized by the Chinese National Tourism Bureau and the government of Hunan Province, "Hunan about the world in Zhangjiajie" as the theme, aims to promote the internationalization of Hunan tourism, let a splendid faster hand in the world. China international travel business conference held the first award. It is understood by Lu Wenwei, "a little while" Zhangjiajie has hosted the first Chinese world natural heritage, the world’s first World Geological Park, China first national Forest Park, Hunan is the name card and leading tourism. As a result of the implementation to enhance the level of internationalization and expand tourism consumption and other measures, the first half of 2016, Zhangjiajie tourists 22 million 100 thousand passengers, an increase of 37%, total tourism income of 19 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 44%, ranking first in the same period Chinese similar tourism city. Next, the participants will participate in the promotion of Hunan tourism, tourism and international cooperation in high-end dialogue, Zhangjiajie tourism commodities show week, travel agents and other tourism activities. (end)相关的主题文章: