Hubei in Zhenjiang Yangzhou sturgeon escape causing ecological disaster concerns-ca1290

17 Apr

Hubei in Zhenjiang Yangzhou sturgeon escape causing ecological concerns in Hubei Qingjiang Yangtze River flood disaster, million tons of farmed sturgeon fled into the river. The "invasion" of the Yangtze River sturgeon, may form the competition and hybridization for endangered Chinese sturgeon and other native fish, bring ecological disaster to the Yangtze river. In September 23rd, the Ministry of agriculture, the Yangtze River fishery supervision and management office issued an emergency notice requiring identification of sturgeon, the relevant departments at all levels to various organizations and individuals along the Yangtze River fishery immediately issued identification manual, strengthen the supervision of the fishing river and lakes in the Yangtze River, in view of the sturgeon have been found, and one by one the register, escalation, prevent the recapture of escape sturgeon returned to the Yangtze River or other natural waters. Two months ago the sturgeon escape incident, after media reports raised concerns about the species crisis. While Hubei has appeared in the Yangzhou section of the Yangtze River sturgeon escape, also let the concern in our province along the Yangtze River in the lower reaches of the Changjiang River, foreign sturgeon will lead to ecological disaster? Jiangsu largest sturgeon breeding nearly 200 kilograms of sturgeon body is a treasure: for roe sauce, delicious fish, cartilage has anti-cancer effect. Wild sturgeon resources nearly exhausted, the main consumer markets in Europe and the United States have banned the trade of wild roe sauce, become the main source of artificial breeding of roe sauce. According to the September 23rd Yunnan "Qujing daily" reported that a local sturgeon breeding and breeding the fish, caviar and fish processing development of sturgeon industry base officially put into operation, save more than 20 fish tail, caviar export processing 50 tons, exports 500 million yuan. There are also several sturgeon breeding base in our province. Reporter in August 29th in Haian Zhongyang group of modern agro ecological park saw 8 species of farmed sturgeon, super large indoor sturgeon breeding area, Chinese sturgeon, Acipenser gueldenstaedti, Amur sturgeon, huso sturgeon sturgeon, duckbill sturgeon etc. in the water or the water quietly crouched around, reflecting sturgeon were huge shadow, unforgettable. Amur sturgeon nearly 200 kilograms, more than 2 meters in length. But the biggest sturgeon up to two storeys high. Sturgeon for carnivorous fish, aquatic insects, benthic animal feed. Zhongyang group Yu Xueji said, Zhongyang breeding of Amur sturgeon is the biggest fish, do the most delicious Russian sturgeon roe sauce. There are 28 species of sturgeon in the world, of which 12 species are endangered, 6 are in critical condition. 8 kinds of existing in china. Amur sturgeon was hailed as the "living fossil water". Zhongyang is currently trying to sturgeon roe sauce production. The province along the Yangtze River to closely track and monitor the director of research center of China Freshwater Fisheries Sciences Xu Pao told reporters that the escape after the incident, I immediately organized research units and fisheries, fishery, and law enforcement departments in several test points along the Yangtze River to the Yangtze River catches close tracking and monitoring, has been monitoring the sturgeon, through technical comparison and seed identification of hybrid sturgeon is not confirmed. The first step is to track the current monitoring measures; the second step is to make judgments based on monitoring data. There are some free or over the Yangtze River flooded with exotic sturgeons and other exotic aquatic organisms, in our province this year a large number of breeding crab fish escape into rivers and lakes, Lake Jiangsu, national thoroughbred field for levee crevasse megalobramaamblycephala all flooded, 4000 groups of parental species all escape. Wen相关的主题文章: