Hubei destroyed a family of online gambling fraud Gang seized nearly a hundred bank cards-htc802w

16 Apr

Hubei destroyed a family of online gambling fraud gangs seized hundreds of bank cards – Beijing new network in Yichang in September 26, the man (Wu Gongxuan) together with relatives, rental site server, please make special open online casino gambling sites, for the recruitment of thousands of members, and on the Internet to attack Liuhe "Telecommunications fraud. In September 26th, Hubei Wujiagang Yichang City Public Security Bureau informed, after several months of investigation, the gang all have destroyed 5 dens. In May 2015, Yichang city Wujiagang District Public Security Bureau received reports from the public, in Orange City Road Wujiagang district was a district residents very suspicious, there are a lot of computer room, and often have access to strangers, worry about illegal activities. After the police investigation, found that the district is in possession of a set of online casino dens. For the creation of online casino groups from Fujian, they were divided into 5 dens in several areas, the network gambling activities. The gang posing as Hong Kong Mark Six Company, telecommunications fraud to send this way. In September of the same year, the police deployed more than 60 police officers, 5 dens of 3 cell distribution in the net action, including Zhang, captured more than 10 gang members, and seized a large number of tools of crime and seized more than and 90 bank cards, involving about 3000000 yuan of funds and supplies. After the trial, Zhang explained that he and his brother, brother-in-law and father-in-law, his wife and others opened online casinos in Yichang, they asked people to do server rental, gambling sites, and recruited staff responsible for customer service and website maintenance. Zhang’s gambling site to take membership, membership registration fees ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The police found of thousands of registered members, involving several provinces and cities, the associated bank card has hundreds of billions of dollars, the Bank of water. Not only that, Zhang et al also opened the "Liuhe color" forum to send Liuhe color Tema to defraud. As Zhang was arrested, the country has hundreds of victims were cheated, as many as about 200000 yuan cheated. Currently, Zhang and others because of the crime of opening casinos, fraud, gang 10 members have been prosecuted. (end)相关的主题文章: