Huashan found a woman DNA was identified as the Shenzhen girl lost –

10 Apr

Huashan found a woman DNA was identified as the Shenzhen girl lost – Beijing Shenzhen Huashan girl lost contact event timeline. Western network (trainee reporter Liu Wang) at the beginning of August, Shenzhen Chen Wenlai women when traveling in Shaanxi near Huashan in September 9th lost contact, the police found in the Huashan of Xifeng at the foot of a highly decomposed body, today (September 18th) the bad news came, after a preliminary comparison and DNA’s family to identify the body that had lost contact with the girl Chen Wen. Since the beginning of the September Chen Wen report to the police after the Yin family, ten days, Huayin police in the vicinity of Huashan launched a massive search. In September 9th, police found a highly decomposed body in Huashan, looks difficult to identify, then the police collected DNA were identified. After identification, the deceased was initially identified as missing Chen Wen, the current family members to identify and verify the relevant materials, the situation is under further investigation. [Shenzhen] extended reading tour of Huashan girl lost contact over January area will actively cooperate for the September 2nd, the media reported that Shenzhen a female Chen Wen lost its last call, located at Huashan south peak, currently has more than January time. Subsequently, the reporter contacted and the Huashan scenic area, scenic staff said, he also saw the media reports after the tourists lost, but find the scenic spot after recording found that in January, the scenic spot has not received the alarm or help. Due to the monitoring of the scenic area is generally reserved for half a month, and Ms. Chen lost contact has more than January time, the possibility of finding ms.. Huashan scenic person in charge said that the Huashan scenic area will actively cooperate with the police or their families, looking for Ms. Chen lost contact. Huayin fire also said that recently did not receive the relevant staff lost contact with the police, has not been related to the search, but once there is a demand, the fire department will fully cooperate. Shenzhen 29 year old beauty tour of Huashan lost 32 days WeChat friends all pulled the black August 1st 19 am, 29 year old Shenzhen lawyer Chen Wen, a man went to Shaanxi to play in Huashan, has lost 32 days, about 164CM tall, long black hair, white skin, gentle face, talking, missing before wearing a red hat, back shoulder bag, wearing a blue plaid shirt, black pants, vest, blue Nike sports shoes. According to Chen Wen introduced Ms. Cai cousin on June 1, 2016, Chen Wen, from Shenzhen to Yunnan, Tibet, Xinjiang and other places to play, July 22nd from Urumqi to Xianyang, then lost contact with their families, friends and WeChat were black, since August 2nd, the mobile phone is in shutdown state. At present, Shenzhen Futian police station has been filed, and launched an investigation in the city. Now the family worried, I urge you to help find, provide significant clues to give generous reward. Please contact a friend in a timely manner to contact the family.相关的主题文章: