Huanggang planning and construction of 17 characteristics of small towns to create a new town-whereisip

17 Apr

Huanggang planning and construction of 17 cultural town building a new city name card Huanggang xinshichuang network news (all media reporter Yu Min Wu Lei) recently, a reporter from the city planning department, the construction of the city’s 17 cultural town is like a raging fire started, is expected through the construction of 2 to 3 years, the modest size of the cultural characteristics of small town group will show up in the general public. The construction of small town culture not only narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, improve the living standards of residents, more Huanggang added a feature name card. As a rich cultural heritage of the cultural city, in recent years, the rapid development of Huanggang’s cultural industry. Since the start of the construction of small town culture, but also to attract close attention of all parties in society. As an important support for industrial clusters, the city has planned a total of 17 characteristics of the cultural town. For example, municipal and district of Huangzhou town peasant painting and fashion creative Town, Huangmei Town, Qichun TCM Zen culture town, red tourism in Hong’an Town, Macheng Town, the pro roots Cultural Creative Agriculture in Xishui Town, Yingshan town and other art Chinese characters. The city planning bureau to Guozhou: in the municipal government and the US Department of planning under the guidance of the township to learn from Longquan: "cultural town" model, in the context of promoting the culture as the soul, to the town for the skeleton, financial formats, morphology, ecology as a whole, with the market approach, a small scale and group, the scenic area of the cultural construction of small town ". Adhere to the emphasis on ecological and cultural planning, so that every village can tell a story, polish a business card, to enhance the quality of new rural construction. At present, Luotian Ci, Wuxue quantang cultural town has begun to take shape. This kind of new model from the past to cover the house to build a unique ecological charm and cultural potential, will also promote the development of new rural and urban integration to a new level. For more information, please refer to [big Chu Huanggang] WeChat subscription number相关的主题文章: