Huang Xiaoming played Langya 2 was tucao! Where is he-ratatouille

15 Apr

Huang Xiaoming played "Langya 2" was tucao! Where is he? The Sina entertainment column boiled two years ago, Li Shouzhi, a "hit" Nirvana in Fire, double harvest reputation ratings, has become a classic in this costume in the TV market, is more popular Hu Ge starring Wang Kai, in the past few years have been alive, so we want to look again, Wang Kai Hu Ge bring a sequel to everyone. But now, "Nirvana in Fire 2" time and again come out, but many of the audience and Jing Princess Hu Ge fans will be disappointed, because they love Hu Ge, Wang Kai did not come, but starring Huang Xiaoming, estimated millions of people instantly turn road powder. In fact, "2" Nirvana in Fire cast was a luxury, although Liyan Tong, Liu Haoran, Wu Haochen, Sun Chun, Ting Mei, Zhang Bo, Guo Jingfei, Qiao Xin, although not very red, but also a famous actor, is also acting and strength, it is worth looking forward to. But starring is a TV drama leader, decided to affect the overall quality, so we are worried about being biased with Huang Xiaoming. In fact, Huang Xiaoming and Hu Ge, compared to the value of the wheel on the popularity of the theory of seniority, not worse than them, and even beyond, but why can not accept it? We may prefer Wang Kai Hu Ge together seductive CP. But more people are like Wang Kai’s acting temperament and with the tacit understanding of the feelings of the Hu Ge. In fact, Beijing Film Academy graduate Huang Xiaoming Cobain, has ten years of acting experience he is not acting, also took a lot of Film Festival winner of honor. But Huang Xiaoming’s acting and fellow Fan Bingbing, easy to fluctuate, sometimes good acting, sometimes acting is not online, especially costumes, Huang Xiaoming acting always because of too much input too hard to make a very false feeling, the lack of a Hu Ge Wang Kaiyan play the kind of clear just the right degree of elegant quiet and calm, this time I want Huang Xiaoming play "Nirvana in Fire gap of 2" and Hu Ge Wang Kai’s not too big, otherwise will be flooded and slobber brick. Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina相关的主题文章: