Huang Ming do the work of the national security to prevent major accidents – Beijing malignant cases

17 Nov

Huang Ming: do the work of the national security to prevent major accidents and malignant cases Beijing 28 of the Ministry of public security held a national public security organs video scheduling meetings, prepare national security work mobilization. Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Security Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Huang Ming stressed that the public security organs at all levels should fully understand the situation, in close combination with the local actual situation, further strict measures to implement the responsibility earnestly, public security, transportation and other work, the major malignant case events and major road traffic accident to prevent to do during the national day, the national security and social stability work. Huang Ming pointed out that this year during the National Day travel personnel, large mass activities, more traffic, public safety risks and public security traffic accidents increased risk. Not long ago, China successfully hosted the G20 summit, a series of important activities after the national day will be held, do a good job this year’s national security work to ensure a safe and stable holiday, with a special significance. Around the traffic control department and public security, transportation, railway, civil aviation, forest public security organs should fully understand the situation, to eliminate the paralysis of thought and emotional slack, careful organization and deployment, careful to grasp the public security traffic management measures, the implementation of the work, to ensure that people have a safe and peaceful holiday. Huang Ming stressed the need to further strengthen the intelligence analysis and assessment and early warning, to increase efforts to collect information, combined with the local police, the actual study, efforts to identify problems, to provide accurate guidance for the work. To safety management, safety supervision of large-scale mass activities of key parts of the safety precautions, dangerous goods, carefully sort out and analyze the key areas, prone to traffic congestion and accidents, road vehicles, to highlight the problems and risks of staring, supervision and rectification. Not only to make full use of the new technology means, strengthen forecasting, monitoring, analysis, and verification, field visits, visits, enhance the efficiency and level of early warning analysis. Focus on the risk to be one by one to refine the program, refinement responsibility, the implementation of the people, targeted to prevent and defuse risks. Huang Ming requirements, to further strengthen the focus of prevention and control, based on strengthening the integrated prevention and control on the implementation of key judgments warning combining prevention and control, to prevent major accidents of malignant cases. The large-scale activities permit, to supervise the units are safety checks, the implementation of civil defense, prevention and protection measures. To deeply learn the previous scenic congestion events and stampede lessons, in close contact with the Department of tourism management, establish linkage mechanism, strengthen the scenic passenger traffic monitoring and flow control, and make proper and timely "large passenger flow. Strengthen resolve the disputes, to prevent the occurrence of individual extreme violence crime. The organization of key areas carry firearms action to minimize security risks. To strengthen the large and medium-sized passenger car inspection, thorough investigation of speeding, overcrowding, fatigue driving, transportation and other illegal behavior, to prevent the occurrence of major accidents. To carry out safety tips to the school, the school entrance and the transfer of students to and from the key sections of the road to set up a temporary duty point to strengthen inspection. Hazardous chemicals transportation safety risk, strengthen the safety management of hazardous chemicals transport vehicles. Strengthen the importance of node guidance, prevent hair growth time, long distance, wide range of congestion. Yellow.相关的主题文章: