How to see the signs of cancer from the man’s right hand (video)

17 Apr

How to see the signs of cancer health on the road from the man’s right hand: prostate cancer causing hormone disorder long-term Aoye prostate cancer is a cancer among men, the study said the right ring finger length was associated with prostate cancer, please see below, the researchers found that if the right ring finger is significantly longer than the index finger, so dangerous. Prostate cancer is relatively large. However, the length of the ring finger is slightly longer than that of the index finger, which suggests that the risk of prostate cancer is small. In the study, the results of blood tests showed that the men with the right ring finger had a higher level of prostate specific antigen (PSA). In the case of adenocarcinoma, the PSA level of the patient is increased. The researchers chose the right hand of the participants because the length of the right index finger and ring finger is usually greater than that of the left hand, which is more sensitive to the change of hormones during the fetal period. In a number of studies on the length of the fingers and the health of men, most of the conclusions are the benefits of the ring finger length, for example, heart disease risk is small, good grades, fertility, etc.. Last year, a study by the University of Southampton found that young men with longer ring fingers run faster. The key point of these studies is that prenatal exposure to testosterone levels. What kind of people are more likely to develop prostate cancer? It is reported that 4000 cases of domestic prostate cancer patients and healthy human genes, verify that susceptibility loci of 3 prostate cancer Chinese population specific risk with these sites, people suffering from prostate cancer are higher than normal, if 3 loci exist at the same time, the risk of prostate cancer to 2.26 times higher than normal. Whether the cancer, due to their different gene loci is called, possessive gene on human chromosome specific location. Susceptibility loci researchers found the "cumulative effect", which has a number of more risk, the risk of prostate cancer is higher: the data show that only one site will increase the risk of 42%, if the 3 loci exist at the same time, the risk of individuals suffering from prostate cancer to 2.26 times higher than normal. Some people are prone to cancer, some people are not easy. The people at risk, as cancer susceptible. For example, men usually would be advised to begin screening for prostate cancer at the age of 50, and there is a family history of prostate cancer in men, was proposed in 40 years old when he began to explain the risk of cancer screening, indeed should be individualized in addition; studies have shown that mutations can lead to increased risk of prostate cancer the more, the likelihood of cancer gene changes, the greater the. Professor Zhang said that the question of this study is, what kind of genes predispose people to prostate cancer? 99.9% of the human genome is the same, in the DNA sequence consisting of only minimal (0.1%) difference is the difference between these 0.1% determines each person’s height, weight, appearance, color and other physiological characteristics, but also determines whether cancer susceptibility and sensitivity to the drug characteristics. This difference is expressed in terms of a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), which affects whether a person is suffering from a disease or a disease.相关的主题文章: