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16 Sep

UnCategorized To reach their eventual personal goals, your children will need positive self-esteem. Finding exactly what steps they need to take to reach those goals, will likely .e from you, their parents, grandparents, caretakers..whoever has custody of the child. An important part of developing self esteem is respecting personal boundaries. Teach your kids, of all ages that it is unacceptable for somebody else to treat them in an inconsiderate way, either verbally or physically. This might take some self exploration of what boundaries you personally are willing to accept. When you specify to your children what kind of maltreatment you refuse to submit to, you set a good example for your children to do the same for themselves. You can begin to teach these principles to infants and toddlers, but children and teenagers will especially "get it". To raise your kid’s self-esteem you might want to show them, and tell them, that you believe in their potential to ac.plish anything they should choose. Instill in them as many positive thoughts about them as individuals as you possibly can! Tell them how much you believe in them. Your body language and your words are all important. Have you ever had doubts about your own abilities? Believe me. So do they. Your children will emulate you and learn your habits. They will notice how you think and how you feel about yourself and they will adopt the same way of thinking about themselves. They will also notice how you treat and feel about them and whether you value them and their potential. So obviously, love is the answer, as it is to so very much in life. Show your children that you love yourself and that it is okay for them to love themselves. Speaking positively about oneself is not arrogant or selfish. Learning to love oneself is a positive thing. Self-esteem is essentially love towards oneself. The earlier your children learn this, the easier it will be for them to truly appreciate and love themselves later on in their lives. You are giving your children the gift of self-esteem in a beautifully pure and motivating way..from your heart to theirs, with love. If you want more "secrets" to raising great kids, please visit my website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: