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16 Apr

Hostage: cold be hijacked by Somali pirates in 1671 days – the Sohu news in October 26th, Sichuan Zhongjiang County Hexing Township Jinsong village. Cold be 27 years old by Somali pirates hijacked after more than 4 years, returned to his hometown. Beijing News reporter Liu Ziheng photo: the face of cold be the hostage, the Beijing News reporter Liu Ziheng editor | Hu Jie Gu Guo Yi art | Lexiao proofreading | Lu Aiying October 26th, cold be back in second days. In the morning, the sun has not come out, in the cool moist air, penetrate the human body. This is Sichuan County of Zhongjiang Province in late autumn, the cold be haven’t experienced. He is busy cleaning the room, the hall put some tables and baskets, baskets stacked with chopsticks. These dishes for a day after the banquet, when relatives on the table for three, for his return from somalia. "The village laughed at me and said he could not come back, so he came back, I must put on the wine." Be the father of Yanchang cold cold for a long time, hold the breath. In 2006, the 17 year old cold be away from home, choose to do the sailor, don’t want to actually go to walk for ten years. In March 2012, Oman from Taiwan fishing vessel " NAHAM3" hijacked by Somali pirates, Taiwan Ji captain died on the spot, and 29 crew members hostage, be cold. 1671 days, be cold and other crew members suffering from hunger, disease and the threat of violence in Somalia pirates at gunpoint. Until October 22nd of this year, after various efforts, the surviving 26 crew members were rescued safely. In addition to 1 Chinese crew members to stay in Kenya for treatment, the remaining 9 people after a long flight of 11 hours, arrived in Guangzhou on the morning of October 25th. At noon on October 25th, cold be returned after an absence of ten years in the home. In October 26th, the cold be sitting on his roof to peel the onions before I ever after, it might not have." Return two hundred meters long in the village of firecrackers rang, red paper with the power of powder, scattered collapse, and fell to the ground, the village road into a red carpet. Cold cold will be go off, Yanchang hugged. "Dad, I’m back." This sentence Yanchang cold son, wait for ten years. Away from home for many years, the most of the time, the cold be lived a secluded life in overseas. When he returned home, he said in front of the others to change, things are very fresh in his mind. The most interesting thing is that the phone, which is known as external organs of electronic products, has profoundly changed the lives of modern people. Cold be cousin gave him a smart mobile phone. He was attracted by a variety of dazzling features, but also like a derailed with the times of the elderly, not only to grasp the complexity of the complex technology, and even the camera, the phone can not remember the basic operation. "The change is too big." Standing in front of the roof, pointing to the foot be cold, "here is the original farmland" and "there", he pointed to the village near the mountain, "before there is a house." .相关的主题文章: