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14 Jun

Computers-and-Technology Push by Apple iPad, a tablet computer time melee about to erupt. According to foreign media reports, the research firm Forrester Research predicted in the U.S. market, Tablet PC sales in 2012 will exceed the Internet in 2015 Tablet PC sales in the U.S. market will reach 20.4 million, while only 3.5 million this year, the annual compound growth rate of 42%. Calculated according to market share this year, tablet PC shipments in the U.S. will account for 6% in 2012 will account for 18%, exceeding 17% of the Internet. If the Tablet PC before the advent of the Netbook, may not have the Netbook today. But not a small step in the Netbook, how it has later more step. Many people now need is access to information-based, experiential content. Tablet PC adaptation of the current era, also meet people’s needs, and more convenient than the Netbook, more comfortable to use. But the real deal as the main go to edit the content, process content, as a tool for this kind of thing, there is not a new product designed to replace traditional computer. Pure enjoy content and experience the content-based equipment is now the users pursuing, which a lot of new product forms, content, mode, endless, rapid growth, making it up. Tablet PC is such a terminal form, which is another way of information needs. It is access to information needs of people change in the way that the advent and development of tablet PCs have been successful. Although a sudden wind blew the Tablet PC ferocious, but it is the initial stage of the market there will not be too much. Tablet PC both notebook are diversifying in response to consumer demand. Now it seems that tablet PCs with other computer products have their own advantages, it will not erode the market each other, but this is only a short transition period, it is undeniable is that holding a tablet computer, your Internet usage will be getting lower and lower. Then we take a look at tablet PC’s usefulness it. Before the so-called flat-screen notebook computer was still a rotary-type equipment. But in fact, is the most common tablet laptop notebook revision. Since the advent iPad, the successive forms of the various Tablet PC, and design rules are similar. However, this design style have made great progress on the portable. Currently tablet computer coupled with the pressure sensitive touch screen that allows you to directly feel the handwritten calligraphy to bring you the experience fun. Tablet PC users will find the operation and the operation of personal computers as easy and convenient. It also watch the video to meet the needs of users daily, and some tablet PCs can also play full HD video (1080p pixels). Wireless communication equipment is used WiFi, Bluetooth, easy network interaction. Into the camera, convenient for users of video communication. Interface, is readily available, can be outside with a lot of equipment. These products are facing at any time check the internet, stocks, exchange, navigation and other uses of the people. The Internet as a user of the second computer, it is also to meet people anytime, anywhere online chat, video, email, stocks and other needs. When these can be implemented on the Tablet PC, the people are more inclined to more portable products. Therefore, the development of tablet PCs in the future more than the netbook. But this is not the short term can be achieved, for two reasons. The first Tablet PC in the price is not low now, which is a lot of users consider. The second use of these products are also business people who occupy a large part of the keyboard for them sometimes, but still very important. Collection in a variety of factors, some people would buy the netbook. However, after investigation, most users currently on the market that the netbook may also have to buy tablet PC, but with the Tablet PC a few will buy the netbook. Source:..articlesbase../electronics-articles/holding-the-tablet-pc-you-also-need-the-notbook-3592743.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: