Hmong men and women, drunk beautiful terrace downstream of the square – Sohu good tourism pullip

19 Nov

Hmong men and women, Drunken Beauty Terrace – Sohu to travel downstream side with Xijiang River a few days, surprised to find that when the most exciting day in the morning, turned out to be! The living beings in the street are also the epitome of a national culture. [walking on the street] lively market, grandma’s eyes full of hope! Approached to see, there is a trace of distressed. The rich breakfast is ready, noodle, steamed buns, meat…… there is a kind of the most suitable for your taste. Miao grandma did it together early in the morning, greet it! Grandpa’s eyes, and then think about what? If time permits, put on the local characteristics of the national costume, photo in "high" sculpture, is definitely a wonderful tour as well! This "beautiful answer everything" statue, as if to tell you, in a "beautiful" as the theme of the village, it is so beautiful! Unconsciously, walked to the museum, which is an open-air museum. It exhibited in Miao history, production, life, festivals, music, dance, clothing, jewelry, medicine, architecture, the Miao religious culture as the main content of the exhibits. From a different point of view, the full display of the history and wisdom of the Miao people is an important platform and window to understand the history and culture of the Miao people. Here to introduce a good place, the museum is on the edge of the road song "ga"! The warm young man at the door is welcoming us. The so-called "quack" song in the Miao village is that small alley. Sure enough, a path through the full paper umbrella, we went directly to the ancient song hall". In 2006, the ancient song of Miao nationality was listed as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. This is a magnificent picture of ancient Miao people’s life, but also in history, ethics, customs, clothing and building as one of the historical and cultural encyclopedia. The ancient Miao song is rich in content, involving almost all aspects of life of Miao nationality, is full of mystery… From the creation of the world, Japan… Cast made, all things grow, flood, ancestral migration, social system, as long as they can sing merrily sing out! Set in the central pond green sculpture, representing the early arrival of Xijiang Miao village of the Miao people. According to legend, tiger and tiger and fly is two ancestors first came to settle in the Xijiang river. It is through the generations of Miao people’s hard work, we have happy life today! [] Miao terrace Drunken Beauty is said to be the first in the world to plant rice and the nation, "Miao" this word is following a "field", above a "grass" prefix, grass is a rice field, therefore, this nation will be called a "vaccine", a national rice. In 1973, archaeological circles in Zhejiang, China, Hemudu Site, Yuyao found more than 7000 years ago, the cultural relics, found in the ruins of a large number of rice grains, as well as wood dry column type building. Therefore, according to the study of the origin of the Miao nationality, the Miao nationality is one of the earliest rice species. Walk through the teacher相关的主题文章: