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15 Apr

Heilongjiang forest tourism industry output value of 1 billion 960 million yuan in net new felling shanghulin early winter of Heilongjiang, Yushu Joan sticks, snow capped mountains. In the forest, the habit of "cat winter" Chaihe Forestry Bureau Daqing farm, now is a be in full swing scene. Director Wang Yuanfeng is leading forestry workers started to build new landscape". Wooden swing, waste tires made of leisure chairs, table decoration plate…… The reconstruction of Weihushan scenic design by the forestry bureau of construction materials, embodies the forest people’s ingenuity. "Such a day, full and happy." Eyes full of energy Wang Yuanfeng, also once lost and confused. A few years ago, with the implementation of national natural forest protection project, Forestry Bureau wood production decreased year by year, resources become increasingly scarce, "doesn’t like their parents Kaoshanchishan, if the lighting, to future generations there complain". In April 1, 2014, the state-owned forest area in Heilongjiang to stop commercial logging. Wang Yuanfeng look forward to a reality, but also encountered a hitherto unknown challenge. Do not log, protect the woods, what do you do in your spare time? How do you get rich? Engage in tourism industry!" Helpless, the director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Forestry Bureau Wang Jingxian had an idea, "ice and snow tourism in Longjiang, Longjiang in the snow forest industry, the famous Yabuli ski resort, Lantau Peak forest, sea Xuexiang Niseko, all the forest people baby." New snow road 50 km, cable car ropeway 23, built ski airport…… By then, the total length of the Yabuli alpine ski resort will reach more than 100 kilometers, to become Asia’s largest ski resort. In order to Yabuli as the core, the forest snow village, Hailin, Chai River, Hailin, Yabuli, Weihe forestry bureau made a major scenic spots, to create Pan Asian tourism area. Weihushan "Jiuzhaigou" fast, "Snow Village" reputation. The scenic spot of all projects, all by the forestry bureau of transformation units, personnel transfer business, only Weihushan Jiuzhai scenic direct transfer of nearly 600 people, indirectly stimulate the employment of more than 1 thousand and 300 people, the annual tourism output value exceeded billion yuan. To insist on the one hand the reform, one hand and development to support the development of the reform, to promote the development of the reform, and promote the development of forestry industry to achieve transformation of pull." Heilongjiang provincial forestry bureau Party Secretary Li Kun said. New way to find, new problems will appear. Let the woodcutter to serve tourists, let the timberyard worker to the hotel waiter, let the financial personnel in the scenic spot ticket…… For a time, some people do not have to turn Shaolin district. Some cadres have doubts, "our national support, forest management and protection of wages, a fungus, sell berries nuts can also earn some money, why should extend the industrial chain, but also engage in tourism investment?" In this regard, the Heilongjiang Provincial Forestry Bureau in forest areas "great minds discuss" activities. "Heilongjiang is rich in forest resources, but the" and so on to the idea of "intolerable." Li Kun said, to further emancipate the mind, as soon as possible so that the rich forest." "Summer is cool winter snow" forest, is transforming the resource advantage into economic advantage, development advantages, the practice of "a world of ice and snow is jinshanyinshan.相关的主题文章: