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16 Apr

A shares have 63 "after 80" chairman of the most young 26 years old were highly educated – Sohu news October 12th, 26 year old Liu Deming Liu Shizhen took a large number of shares from the grandfather, become the actual controller of the listed company Lutai A. Prior to October 10th, the 29 year old Liu Xiaoqing from his father Liu Dequn in the hands of the chairman of the shares of listed companies took over the position of one bridge. According to Beijing News reporter statistics, from the beginning of the year, as of October 21st this year, there are 10 listed company chairman positions, was passed to the 80 after the enterprise of the two generations. Currently, the two companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market by the "80" as chairman of the has been 63. Some of the control of the enterprise, is a generation from the transition to the two generation". In the statistics of 1716 private listed companies, the chairman of the age of more than 55 years old, reaching 531, accounting for the total number of private listed companies than the total of 30.94%. This means that the next 5 years, there are 30% private listed companies face power transfer. Compared with the start empty-handed a generation, the Beijing News reporter statistics and analysis in recent years the completion of the transfer of listed companies "two generation enterprises" learning and growth experience, prices of the two generation "generally have a high degree of Bachelor degree or above, who accounted for 87.5%, more than 30% enterprises, two generation of overseas study experience. "Two generation enterprises" once they complete their studies, will be arranged to enter the family business began to experience, until the succession. Lutai A "inter generational succession", "female bearing father" Yiqiao shares October 12th, Lutai A announcement, the actual control of the original Liu Shizhen will be the controlling shareholder of Zibo Lucheng 21% stake that invested 13 million 284 thousand and 600 yuan transferred to Liu Deming, after the equity transfer, Liu Shizhen no longer hold Zibo Lucheng stake. Zibo Lu Cheng holds 15.21% of the shares of A, the largest shareholder of listed companies. After the transferee Zibo Lu part of the equity, Liu Deming will indirectly hold 29 million 474 thousand and 300 shares of listed companies, accounting for the total share capital of listed companies of 3.19%, the actual controller of listed companies. Some media reports, Liu Deming was born in 1990, aged 26, worked in Zibo Lu Cheng, but did not hold any executive positions, nor listed companies. And Liu Deming was able to get 0 yuan to transfer the price of equity, because it is the grandson of Liu Shizhen, is also the current chairman of the board of A, general manager of the son of. Liu Zibin was born in 1965, aged 51, holds a stake in the interests of Lu Tai A0.02% and Lu Cheng, Zibo, its only last year from the hands of the father of the age of 75, took over the post of chairman of the board of directors, general manager of A. So far, Lutai A formed a "son, grandson holding power" situation, known as the Lutai type succession. Compared to Lutai A this "inter generational succession", "father son" is the other complete unified template power transfer of listed companies. In October 10th, listed companies in Dalian Yiqiao shares (formerly Yiqiao sea cucumber) announced that the board of directors has nominated Liu Xiaoqing as the new president of the company. Liu xiao.相关的主题文章: