Harbin market supervision bureau issued a double 11 ban first price discount-spyair

03 May

Harbin market supervision bureau issued a double 11 ban first price discount newspaper on November 5th – 4 days, reporters from the Harbin market supervision bureau held a "double 11" business enterprise honesty interviews will be informed, to ensure that all kinds of network transactions Harbin Fair and orderly market, the "double 11" during the crackdown wantonly selling to carry out promotional activities, fraud and illegal acts against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In interviews at the meeting, Harbin Georgia sports goods company (I go to the mall) on behalf of the 33 appliance business participants, to resolutely resist the fictitious transactions, delete unfavorable evaluation form for the credibility of their business practices or others to enhance the prestige of the goods and the malicious damage assessment of competitors promises. According to reports, at present, Harbin has involved in the network of enterprises and individuals 3.1 million. Harbin market supervision bureau recently issued the "double 11" network supervision work program, Harbin city network trading platform, online network market operators must follow the rules, promotion shall first price discount of ten, at the same time must be publicity ten requirements in the web page prominently, and accept social supervision, such as illegal in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to punish. Harbin market supervision bureau to remind consumers, consumers shopping online can use screenshots and other methods keep the transaction information as evidence of rights after the encounter consumer disputes such as online shopping, you can call 12315 complaints and reports. The ten requirement, a network of goods business entities to carry out network promotion activities must comply with the "Interim Provisions on goods and services network promotion management". Two, the third party trading platform as a network promotion organizers should bear the first responsibility of the persons, conscientiously fulfill the statutory obligations, establish a sound management system, and strive to maintain the good order of network promotion, promotional activities in accordance with the law, safeguard fair and smoothly, and constantly improve the credibility of the platform. Three, the third party trading platform must strengthen the organization, strengthen the promotion of commodity information review, strengthen emergency management activities, strengthen consumer protection, strengthen the statistical work. Four. No overlord clause shall be set up to exclude or restrict the rights of consumers and to mitigate or exempt the liabilities of the operators. Five, the sale of fake and shoddy goods shall not be carried out; the quality of premiums should be in line with the provisions of the quality standard law of the people’s Republic of china. The quality of goods and premiums should not be lowered due to promotion. Six, operators must comply with the relevant provisions of the law of the People’s Republic of China on the protection of consumer rights and interests, fulfill seven days no reason to return, exchange obligations. Seven, the platform operators to supervise and promote sales activities in the platform of supervision, promotion activities, must be prominently publicized promotional activities detailed rules. Eight, not fictitious transactions, enhance the transaction volume of the shop, not false evaluation, fraud concerns. Nine, shall not make false propaganda for goods. Ten, not to increase the price after the discount, fraud consumers.

哈市市场监管局发布双11要求 禁止先提价后打折   生活报11月5日讯 4日,记者从哈市市场监管局召开的“双11”电商企业诚信守法约谈会上获悉,为确保哈市网络市场的各类交易行为公平有序,该局“双11”期间将严打大肆售假、欺诈和违法开展促销活动等侵害消费者合法权益的行为。在约谈会上,哈尔滨申格体育用品公司(我去商城)代表参会的33家电商,做出坚决抵制以虚构交易,删除不利评价等形式为自己或他人提升商品信誉及恶意评价损害竞争对手的商业信誉行为等承诺。   据介绍,目前哈市有涉网企业、个人3.1万。哈市市场监管局近日出台了“双11”网络监管工作方案,要求哈尔滨市网络交易平台、网店等网络市场经营主体须遵循促销细则、不得先提价后打折等十项要求,同时必须在网页显著位置要公示十项要求,并接受社会监督,如违规将按照相关法律法规严惩。   哈市市场监管局提醒消费者,消费者网上购物时可采用截屏等方法保留交易信息作为日后维权的证据,如遇到网购消费纠纷,可拨打12315投诉、举报。   十项要求   一、网络商品经营主体开展网络促销活动时必须遵照《网络商品和服务集中促销活动管理暂行规定》。   二、第三方交易平台作为网络集中促销组织者,要切实承担起第一责任人的责任,认真履行法定义务,建立健全管理制度,努力维护好网络促销活动秩序,保障集中促销活动依法、公平、顺利进行,不断提升平台的公信力。   三、第三方交易平台必须加强促销活动组织、加强商品信息审查、加强活动应急管理、加强消费者权益保障、加强数据统计工作。   四、不得设定霸王条款,排除或者限制消费者权利、减轻或免除经营者责任。   五、不得有销售假冒伪劣商品的行为;赠品质量应当符合《中华人民共和国产品质量法》规定。不得因促销降低商品和赠品质量。   六、经营者必须按照《中华人民共和国消费者权益保障法》的相关规定,履行七天无理由退、换货义务。   七、平台经营者对平台内商家促销活动进行监督、促销活动开展时,必须在显著位置公示促销活动细则。   八、不得虚构交易,提升网店的交易额,不得虚假评价骗取关注。   九、不得对商品作虚假宣传。   十、不得以先提价后打折,欺诈消费者。相关的主题文章: