Hangzhou must ride a bike on the toilet urine urine sauce-pgd-426

17 Apr

Hangzhou must ride a bike on the toilet urine urine sauce last month, Zhejiang University Hospital kidney disease center in three patients with similar special. They are twenty or thirty young people who had less pain, suddenly found the urine colour actually turned into soy sauce, quickly rushed to the hospital, the medical history, symptoms, physical examination and laboratory examination of comprehensive analysis, they were called "rhabdomyolysis" disease, can cause acute kidney injury. What is surprising is that they do the same thing: due to the long before the onset of mental work in the office of the lack of exercise to keep fit, just go to the gym for a strenuous exercise called dynamic bicycle. Dynamic cycling 20 minutes out of soy sauce urine this year, the Hangzhou white collar Liu, aged 33, is one of the three patients. Because the job is busy, usually very little movement, seeing the October wedding day is coming, in order to cool the mirror, he went to the gym to do the card decided to start an exercise. On the day of the incident, he was in a simple preparatory activities, the election of a bike, along with other people in the music and exercise. The results, for a more than and 20 minute spinning training, Mr. Liu feel lower limb soreness, weak weak legs. I quickly stop, find the seats near the rest, sit for about half an hour, the clothes are wet with sweat." He told reporters, go home to rest for a night, but the pain did not ease, feeling more serious, the toilet also found that the same as with soy sauce, scared me to the hospital." Zhejiang University hospital admissions kidney disease center Chen Zhimin doctor diagnosed him suffering from rhabdomyolysis, taking into account the recent diet in patients with no abnormal, almost certainly due to intense exercise, and Mr. Liu had to be hospitalized. "People who cause rhabdomyolysis muscle according to the structure and function of excessive exercise can be divided into different, striated and smooth muscle. We refer to the general sense of the striated muscle, skeletal muscle is mainly distributed in the limbs, most. In addition, also including heart muscle and visceral muscle muscle." Zhejiang University Hospital doctor Chen Zhimin explained, rhabdomyolysis refers to muscle damage, muscle cell damage, intracellular contents, mainly myoglobin, creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase release into the blood, causing a series of performance. About 1/3 of rhabdomyolysis occur in acute kidney injury. "The most typical manifestation of rhabdomyolysis, muscle pain, weakness and a tea like soy sauce, urine color. Of course, not everyone will have these typical performance, there are no obvious muscle pain, but there are some atypical manifestations, such as fever, nausea, vomiting, etc.." She said. There are many factors causing rhabdomyolysis, like a fixed posture, excessive exercise, body compression muscle spasm, burn or crush injury and adverse drug reactions, even alcoholism are likely to cause rhabdomyolysis. Any sport to exercise when a small amount of water then, spinning, why can cause rhabdomyolysis? It is understood that the dynamic cycling is a combination of music, visual effects, such as a vibrant indoor cycling training courses in indoor fitness projects are popular. However, Chen Zhimin.相关的主题文章: