Hand travel homogenization phenomenon is still serious but no one cares-pppd-175

15 Apr

Hand travel homogenization phenomenon is still serious but no one cares about popular games often plagiarism theory, similarity theory ridden. The author works for one of his works may be suspected of plagiarism and downfall, television programs will be due to high similarity by the audience and mocking the impact of word of mouth. And deep plagiarism theory of the game can often earn pots full bowl full. With the second half of the two dimension Mobile Games market broke out, some game player "onmyoji" system that is "daimon calls" suspected of plagiarism, "my body across the screen with 2" is similar to "3" has also been questioned, the collapse is a simplified version of the "angel witch hunt". There are users in the literary forum post: original article should be, the game should not pay attention to originality it?" The game was followed by practitioners retorted: "each circle with each circle on the definition of plagiarism, please take the writers to write the article, you will not hand into a circle you don’t know what good?" One side is more frequent in recent years, rights disputes, one side is an endless stream of similar games. For the mobile phone game, apparently acquiescing while contrary-minded "practitioners seem ambiguous attitude. Most of them in the skin, homogenization of the topic of history and almost mobile game history is quite. Some game practitioners said that the current hand travel industry for the skin phenomenon is still particularly serious, mostly in the skin. "Skin" refers to a game system, and numerical system and another game the same or very similar, but the art, copy, etc. in the performance of different system details. Some games, although not strictly "skin", but the positioning of the same, the core gameplay is similar, even the marketing style are quite similar to that of a single type of games tend to homogenization, almost every play it gives people a feeling of deja vu. In the law of our country, the game interface, the script is protected by copyright, and the game play and UI layout are thought, can not get copyright protection, through the "Anti Unfair Competition Law" protection. But in fact, only a small part of the game will change the skin of the court, more games will be interpreted as "imitation", "honor" and "reference" or "type", It is quite common for, accused of plagiarism settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, some suspected game will represent other game there are defects of intellectual property. A netizen refuted the theory of plagiarism, said: do not copy the domestic game does not learn from? In particular system and style, there are several products is clean? Are you going to pick J3 (refer to "JX online version of" three) copy of Warcraft? And then almost all of the RPG super dragon? I have copied a perfect world and Zhu Xian? How to define a copy?" Difficult to define embarrassment not only in the domestic game. 2014 hot moment of "2048" was pointed out highly imitation Threes! "Good reputation", Monument Valley Mobile Games "(Monument Valley) also accused of plagiarism" PSP game echochrome "(Echo Chrome), but this does not prevent the two game downloads continues to rise. On September 27, 2016, Ubisoft announced the acquisition of "2048" Ketchapp "T developers.相关的主题文章: