Haikou ” vegetable basket ” cheap supermarket people’s home door to buy cheap assur-superrecovery

04 Jun

Haikou " "   basket; supermarket; public house to buy cheap vegetables — people.com.cn Hainan window — people.com.cn basket evaluation of supermarket bursting with popularity people.com.cn Hainan windows on 9 October, out of the house 5 minutes will be able to buy vegetables, cheap food "October 8th Joan yuan supermarket held the opening ceremony, officially offer quality assured food, cheap food service to the public. 6 pm, see in the basket there are a lot of cheap supermarket reporter Joan garden, people buy food in the supermarket. The environment is clean and tidy, fruits and vegetables, rice, oil and other daily necessities, daily necessities in the market and some supermarkets it can buy, the most attractive people in this is nothing more than to buy cheap vegetables. To buy food in the supermarket basket Joan garden Xu aunt delighted: "come here to buy food not only from where I live near, and the price is cheap, usually in the market to sell 3 pieces of 5 vegetables here more than two dollars, to buy everything, like at home in front of the supermarket." The basket is sixth Joan garden cheap supermarket supermarket basket group direct. White dragon road bus station behind Joan Garden Hotel, shop area of about 84 square, covering the surrounding residents up to 2000 households, from the nearest farmers market is about 600 meters. The supply of cheap food stores up to 61, the fruit supply varieties up to 36, the store in addition to providing food, non-staple food, daily necessities and other seven categories of 1200 for single product sales, also has regional sales of pork products, ensure the consumer demand diversification. (Fu Wuping) the public to buy vegetables cheap food people buy vegetables and fresh fruit for the public to choose (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu) 海口"菜篮子"平价超市 市民家门口买便宜放心菜–人民网海南视窗–人民网 菜篮子评价超市人气爆棚 人民网海南视窗10月9日电 “走出家门5分钟就能买到放心菜、便宜菜”10月8日琼苑平价超市举行了揭牌仪式,正式为市民提供优质的放心菜、平价菜服务。 下午6点,在菜篮子琼苑平价超市记者看到,有不少市民在超市里买菜。环境整洁干净,水果蔬菜、米粮油面、生活用品等,平日里市场超市里有的生活必需品在这都能买得到,最吸引市民的无非就是在这能买到便宜的青菜。 在菜篮子琼苑平价超市买菜的许阿姨乐开了花:“到这里买菜不仅离我住的地方近,而且价格便宜,平时在市场里卖3块5的青菜在这里两块多,要买的东西应有尽有,就像开在家门口的超市。” 菜篮子琼苑平价超市是菜篮子集团直营的第6家平价超市。位于白龙南路琼苑宾馆公交车站正后方,店内面积约84平方,覆盖周边居民多达2000户,距离周边最近农贸市场约600多米。门店供应平价菜品多达61种,水果供应品种达至36种,店内除了提供了米粮、副食、日化等七大类生活必需品共1200种单品的销售,还增设了猪肉产品的销售区域,全面确保市民多样化消费需求。(符武平) 市民购买放心菜平价菜 市民选购蔬菜 新鲜的水果供市民挑选 (责编:王宁、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: