Guoyang junior boys in the school was only 13 years old stabbing murderer alive-norton disk doctor

17 Apr

Guoyang: junior boys in the school was only 13 years old stabbing murderer alive in September 22nd at around 6 pm, a teenage students riding a cable car to Guoyang County Chu Dian Zhen Hospital back door, the car battery is also carrying a student, the student’s coat was covered with blood, who had almost no consciousness. Zhang’s father holding his son’s portrait of junior high school student is stabbed died after the reporter saw Wang Xiangong witness of the incident in Guoyang County Chu Dian Zhen hospital door, he is the hospital cleaning staff, he said, he was to see a man riding electric car will bring the child, but the child seems to have no consciousness. Wang hurried to help the injured students on the ground, and then he went to the hospital on duty doctors and nurses. Hospital nurse Yan Lili recalled that the other side of the clothes are blood, the other side of the breath and pulse are very weak, in a state of shock. Then, Yan Lili and colleagues conducted a first aid to the injured students. Yan Lili said, when she observed, the injured student body wounds, before a lot of blood flow, but they sent to the wound is no longer bleeding. Guoyang County Chu Zhen Hospital Business vice president Wang Kui said, the injured injured area in the upper part of the body on the left, the equivalent of our hearts, lungs and heart, this place is to stab it is dangerous. Chu Dian Zhen distance Guoyang County and 20 km, 120 ambulances cannot arrive soon. Then the local police station for police injured students rushed to hospital for emergency treatment in Guoyang county. Zhang Yafei’s sister Zhang Ali said, brother is sent to the county hospital at 6:25, 6:40 has died, when his, his younger brother has no breathing, died on the operating table, the doctor said it was already late, the excessive loss of blood, he did not see him one last time. Wang Kui said, the patients come to us the doctor timely visits, and there is no time delay, but at which the injury, delayed long, they do not know. How to deal with the aftermath of death? Zhang, who died this year, 13 years old, is a local Chu secondary school students in the first quarter of September this year, just enrollment. Zhang’s parents work in Nanjing, sister in Guoyang County school. Zhang usually with my grandmother in Chu Zhen life. Zhang after the accident, his family learned that Zhang was stabbed by his classmates with a knife Zhuang, Zhuang with a small shop in the middle school Chu Chu, but two different classes, Zhuang this year is also the age of 13. Why do you want to get a knife stabbed Zhang Zhuang? Are there any conflicts between their classmates? Where did it happen? In order to further understand the situation, on the afternoon of 28 reporters came to the Chu shop Guoyang County Middle school. In the Chu Dian middle school entrance, the reporter saw his father holding his son’s portrait squatted there, while the school is closed the door. Reporters to the doorman, want to go in with the leadership of the school to understand the situation. After the staff call the school leadership, told reporters that the school can not accept our interview. Xiao Zhang zhang.相关的主题文章: