Guo Degang Cao Yunjin you fight cool and thin, the political arena in an

10 Apr

Guo Degang Cao Yunjin: the battle arena ran cool and thin, the original title: on Guo Degang: the cold, rivers and lakes in an emergency source: Author: Song Zhibiao male, "news review" published in Cao Yunjin’s Division for Guo Degang to bide official accusation, anything to avoid said was coerced into the apprentice arrangement of public opinion. The influence of Cao until exhausted, free speech space, deliberate on Guo Degang’s side, killed in a circle to place. At the end of a master one in teaching positions, but not in the head words, words borrowed a bale with Cao, cao. The dispute between ink master two, are closely linked to the horizon of the image of good use, both the pen and the end, fall in this virtual place. In rhetoric, the ink, said the deep and shallow, that is not shallow, with a little more than three literary talent, rendering. "The horizon" in the actor (no derogatory) appear frequently in the style of writing is a very interesting phenomenon. Cao Yunjin on the use of the earth, is to foil the history of its suffering, highlighting the plight of its rare, and then lay the foundation for the legitimacy of its skyline. This is necessary, because the name of the master to apprentice Crusade, ascription to ascetic self blamed for every action, there is, offset the rebellious moral pressure, clean out the fire area for this paper is the official accusation and attack skills. In contrast, the Guo Degang, to master an image of indomitable spirit "the horizon", from top to bottom in tone, not in the back position, highlighting its grasp of the entire situation in its weather, re explain Cao Yunjin’s argument on whether the official accusation revealed the historical writing also is the realistic environment of the authority. The end of the world has a cool thin, I Guo Degang no cold thin, this is the defense of grammar. But both Cao Yunjin and Guo Degang’s "the horizon" rhetoric, are unified style impressive method, have swashbuckling map, but the actual encounter occurred in the arena". That is to say, Cao Guo’s intention is worth Tianya, scores of rivers and lakes. This is the reality of the change, the debate and then. The play is: mentoring enemies, separatist Road, said the rivers and lakes knot. The arena of history and reality, the division between the like, because it involves the door in the history and tradition of subtle, almost Wukezhihui outsiders can only do out. Cao Yunjin, a public official accusation, concentrated in the traditional apprenticeship system is not under the dross, the argument of the election, the discussion is beneficial to perfunctory, condensed eat melon masses, and on a useless way. What people eat melon is also to see the food snob. On the resistance of Cao Yunjin area, until Guo Degang thrown back the crowd immediately harvest worship. Guo Degang has accomplished praise, praise its generous with the status at a glance, Cao Guo Ershi in rivers and lakes. The basic disk must Guo Degang more than Cao Yunjin, eat melon to Guo home crowd. Guo Degang is good at the passage, and micro-blog is his masterpiece, the 140 word is quite match with him in the arena experience out of the mouth, full of power. But on the long, and deliberately take the master standard state mean convergence, Guo Degang is equivalent to giving up the advantage, into the scope of reasoning is not long. Cao Yunjin’s status and the weak, but the master said to Hao相关的主题文章: