Guangzhou launched the Talents Scheme Beijing Lan –

15 Apr

Guangzhou launched the "Talents Scheme" Beijing Lan – Beijing, Beijing, October 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) Guangzhou municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau launched in 2016 30 at the Renmin University of China campus recruitment institutions "Talents Scheme", will recruit 143 business units in the preparation of staff in Beijing, attracted many college students in Beijing to resume the scene. Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security Employment Promotion Director Wang Shuang told Beijing reporters, this two or three years in Beijing province to Guangzhou increase in the proportion of graduates, before Qinghua University and the National People’s Congress, about seventy or eighty people a year in Guangzhou institutions, these two or three years increased to 130 to more than and 160 people. This year, the relative quality of the post, to recruit excellent or very confident. The Guangzhou city has a total of 33 institutions to Beijing on-site recruitment, provide 119 jobs, the recruitment of 143 people, covering education, health care, city planning, science and technology innovation, business management, library management, art research, archaeology and Museology and other industries. The recruitment of 71 people in the education system, accounting for about 49.7%; health system recruitment of 30 people, accounting for 21%. From the recruitment requirements, the recruitment of 49 people, accounting for about $34.3%; master’s degree of recruitment of 31 people, accounting for more than 21.7%; Bachelor degree or above, accounting for 44%. It is reported that last year, a total of 985 institutions in Guangzhou signed a total of 184 people, of which more than master’s degree accounted for 63.6%, "the" and "211" college graduates accounted for 76.1%. Graduate students accounted for more than the proportion of key institutions and students accounted for more than two times in previous years, open recruitment. Although many students and employers to negotiate the scene, but the day can not be directly decided to hire or not. Organizers will be charged according to resume, in late November at the Renmin University of China organized a written examination, interview, shortlisted candidates after the signing of the three party employment agreement signed. This year’s campus recruitment also launched a gifted plan APP system, the whole process of mobile phone recruitment operations. Candidates from registration, qualification examination, ticket generation, query results, results of the public to go through the procedures for publication, issued guidelines, announcements, publication of the results to increase the whole process procedures in the mobile phone client from the position of the employer. (end)相关的主题文章: