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15 Nov

The slowdown will coax Microsoft shareholders: $40 billion stock repurchase program – Sohu technology Sohu technology Wenwang Xue Ying in September 21st according to foreign media news, Microsoft announced Tuesday that it will buy $40 billion of ordinary shares in the new stock repurchase plan, and raise its quarterly dividend by 8%, while the size of the repurchase almost unchanged from 2013. It is reported that Microsoft plans to be completed before the end of this round of stock repurchase. Although did not give a detailed timetable for the repurchase, but referring to the market value of $442 billion 700 million Microsoft, the total price of the new repurchase plan accounted for about 9% of the total. Specifically, in order to better repay shareholders, Microsoft plans to inject $40 billion in funds, and the original dividend of $0.36 per share to $0.39 per share, the overall increase of about $8%. If the adult income, Microsoft stock dividend interest rate will be 2.7%. In fact, Microsoft "brewing" this move has been a long time. In recent years, compared to Microsoft’s repurchase scale, the growth rate of 8% actually slightly lower. It is reported that in 2015, Microsoft will be its quarterly dividend from $0.31 to $0.36 to raise shares, an increase of about 16%, while this increase in 2014 was $11%. Insiders found that since the beginning of the slowdown in overall growth in Microsoft’s performance, the company began to significantly increase the size of the repurchase, while significantly improving the quarterly dividend ratio. As everyone knows, Microsoft Windows as the operating system of his own family, inevitably have to bear the pressure of global PC market weakness, especially with PC sales decline, sales of Windows systems have also been implicated. In this background, Microsoft began to sell other software and services, so as to ensure the stability of the capital chain. According to official data provided by Microsoft, as of the year 6, the company has a total cash and investment equivalents of approximately $113 billion. In this regard, the Wall Street Journal said investors are optimistic about Microsoft’s future planning, especially since Nadella took over in February 2014, CEO, vigorously carry out the context of cloud services. It is reported that by the fourth quarter of Microsoft cloud services to boost both sales and profits exceeded expectations, although the total revenue fell 7% to $20 billion 610 million. It is understood that the market research agency Stifel Nicolaus & Co. analyst Brad Reback said the repurchase plan quite exciting, although quarter dividend increase the ratio is the smallest since 2010, but considering the acquisition of LinkedIn, the whole still quite looking forward to. Affected by this news, Microsoft shares on Tuesday hours trading rose 1.2% to $57.48 shares, 2016 of total annual increase of about 31%.相关的主题文章: