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18 Nov

"Grandpa" hit the file "Billy Lynn"   11 double counter attack into the new hot schedule – Culture – original title: "Grandpa" hit the file "Billy Lynn" double 11 counter attack into the new hot schedule with the new Ang Lee movie "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" fixed gear announced in November 11th of 2016, the film market is officially enter the hot "double eleven" war. Hollywood blockbusters, marvel "strange doctor" and J? K? Rowling "magical animal where" have file November, released simultaneously with the world; at the same time, including Tong Dawei Michelle Chen starred in the comedy "Grandpa decompression Christina 38", new director Feng Xiaogang "Pan Jinlian", also have good domestic fixed gear pair eleven stage. Despite the large imports of strength, but this year the domestic film camp can not be ignored. Urban fashion comedy "Grandpa decompression Christina 38" in November as the only comedy, easy to locate the decompression of the early new year; and become an independent school, "Pan Jinlian" and other topics large also did not reflect the first heat. Covering a variety of themes of different types of films gathered double eleven, so that this year’s November film market is particularly worth looking forward to. In November the new hot schedule counter attack into large imports more than ever the luxury lineup Miami’s October schedule shows by surprise "low profile", but because the November schedule of several of the large imports and domestic works great in strength and impetus gathered before the arrival of the first heat, is expected to form a new viewing boom before the 2016 Lunar New Year stalls. Import the same schedule of the large quite eye-catching: Marvel fantasy action film "strange" by Dr. "Sherlock" starring Benedict Conboy Baki, tells the story of doctor strange in suffered a terrible accident, discovered the secret of the magic world and the other dimensions of the story. The film is scheduled November 4th, November schedule of competition kicked off. Ang Lee drama film, "Billy, the war in the Middle East," the official announcement of the Chinese mainland in November 11th, synchronized North America in. According to this this? Fantine novel, tells the story of a 19 year old American soldier Billy? Lynn was sent to Iraq’s story, creative lineup of luxury, more exposed using a 120 frame format 4K 3D beyond the existing technology of shooting, greatly aroused the fans viewing curiosity. The files released in November 18th fantasy adventure film "magical animal where", the name of J? K? Rowling wrote, "Harry Potter?" outside the derivative movie name, launched a new round of global "Harry Potter" heat, strength can not be ignored. The film by Oscar winner Eddie? Leidemeini starred, set the story in "Harry Potter?" one world, tells the story of Newt? Scamandre for the creation of a magical book, an adventure story from New York. Get together to compete for the domestic masterpiece "the 38 year old Grandpa" hand in hand "Pan Jinlian" made the film, made films this year is high compared to the past camp. Feng Xiaogang directed the film "I’m not Pan Jinlian," will be released in November 18th, about rural women in order to make the world to see themselves not Pan Jinlian, and busy around for more than a decade of inspirational story of. And as 1)相关的主题文章: