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24 Jul

Food-and-Drink One style of cooking that’s be.ing very popular in the US is Fusion Cooking as more people emigrate and bring their own ethnic foods and cooking styles with them. By using exotic seasonings and herbs and spices with regional meats and vegetables, people are creating exciting new dishes for their family and friends. Many people who travel abroad want to recreate the tastes and atmosphere in their own homes. The beauty of fusion cooking is that experimentation is the key element to creating delectable dishes with an adventurous tone. The experts suggest using a light hand when adding spices and tasting often to be sure you do not overwhelm the delicate flavor of your ingredients. To help you get started, consider the gourmet spice blends below for your first attempts at fusion cooking. Four Ethnic Blends Moroccan Flare: The savory tastes of Moroccan cuisine are developed with a broad mix of individual products. Choosing Tan-Tan custom blended spices can save you money while you experiment. Look for a mixture that includes as many of these .ponents as possible: Hungarian paprika, cumin, cardamom, coriander, turmeric, cayenne, ginger, fenugreek, anise, dry mustard and mace. So you can have the flavor you want, you can also add black pepper, dried parsley, salt, cinnamon and sugar. Typically Moroccan dishes use a variety of cinnamon products including Saigon and Ceylon cinnamon. Latin Inspired: The chocolate undertone that a lot of Latin style sauces and flavors is easy to achieve with gourmet spice blends that includes mole, ground chilies as well as other spices. This adds a spark and zest to any dish, but works well in spicy beef chili and similar stews. Pinchito from Southern Spain: These unique flavor enhancers are similar to those in Moroccan dishes. Anise is seen many Spanish dishes. Making a marinade with some wine adds a burst of flavor to meats–lamb and pork are good choices for grilling on an open flame. Za’atar: This is one of those Mediterranean flavors that can be used to add more interest to the foods you serve and is often mixed with olive oil to dip bread in or as a paste that can be used as a spread. Your guests will swoon at the wonderful aroma and flavor of your fish. There are many, many varieties of Za’atar so you can try a variety of blends until you find the one that is most appetizing for you. Custom blended spices are a fantastic way to expand your library of favorite recipes. There is no right or wrong way to try fusion cooking. Explore. Experiment. Enjoy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: