God Yi early adopters first experience journey new occupation PVE expert in making money!-t6570

15 Apr

God Yi early adopters first experience "journey" new occupation PVE expert in making money! In October 21st, the "journey" (micro-blog) "the annual information film blockbuster launch the popular game". The line with new crit occupation "God Yi", open the "free wash" campaigns in the game, game player to help free experience new occupation. After the game player fall over each other to test the water, "Shen Yi" high attack, high control characteristics, won the majority of PK’s favorite game player flow! In addition, in the PK, "God Yi" in the PVE copy is the very good performance in the occupation, it can finish "good and evil" and "illusion" and "jiu" and "Spiritbreaker" top four copies, a copy of the king is fully deserve! In the "journey" to expert in making money PVE copy, it replaced "God Yi" occupation! The use of & to push the tower renju shot kill BOSS powerful! A copy of the journey is the main source of income for players, each playing a copy, or even more than a copy of the level, it means that players can gain more props reward. To observe the main copy, whether it is "good" and "evil" and "dreamland" keep off the BOSS, or "spirit" in the battlefield of the tower, is the number of checkpoints, hinder the game player upgrade delay game player copy completed the biggest obstacle degree. Improve the efficiency of the kill BOSS, quickly pushed to the arrow tower, is all the players who want to do a copy of the PVE racking their brains to do. "Journey", "Yi God" occupation after the launch, the moment to dominate the mainstream copy, because "God Yi" is the Department of the occupation high order evolution bow. As early as in the bow Department era, are used to select the "double arrow game player" as the main attack. Send a recruit, shoot two arrows, to the enemy cause double damage, double arrow is one of the best players in mind skills. "God Yi" and "renju shoot", is a super intensive version of the "double arrow", more damage, less cooling time, power is more fierce, is the real copy of the king! The two recruit Ding Qiankun "God Yi" as the game player to create welfare! Although the "renju shot" skills especially awesome, but the very spirit of the game player have more ideas: they recognize, skill + attack speed, in order to have a quick shot of BOSS and down the tower of high efficiency. At present, the "journey" of various activities and tasks are to send a large number of materials, game player can own attack brush set a very high attack speed ", and" everyone shot "skills and blessings, can let you brush copy plan too fast. If after "renju shot" skills, using the cooling time, click with the left mouse button or the BOSS tower, formed a "renju shot" with a light effect. A flat, then press the shortcut key to "everyone shot" to reciprocate. You will find the BOSS or tower of blood loss increased sharply, a copy of the brush speed is fast! At present, more and more game player choice "God Yi" as the major occupation ", this is another major change journey" occupation system. Today, the "Dragon (micro-blog)", "occupation gem Dan" and "Dragon Star" and other popular items in the copy, there are a lot of output, "God Yi" is coming, providing more opportunities for game player to earn popular props. The future of the "journey" to make money easier and better equipment to do,相关的主题文章: