Global TV virtuoso IFA a situation of tripartite confrontation; who is superior – home applian t6570

15 Nov

Global TV virtuoso IFA   a situation of tripartite confrontation; who is superior – home appliance — original title: global TV IFA virtuoso who is superior in a situation of tripartite confrontation on TV, that seems to have been rotten, back and forth are OLED, quantum dots, laser, 4K, HDR, surface, mirror these keywords, see manufacturers how to play a new height. Some people say that IFA is still the stage of life appliances, but the TV giant how to miss this great international arena. We are not the only TV chiefs, Japan and South Korea, the giants also have sword, IFA side projection of the global TV market "War Within Three Kingdoms". South Korea: two flowers with each one had to admit, play cool or South Korea’s two largest giant display. The LG light tunnel PK Samsung light magic wall light, feel the charm of light and shadow photos from the scene can be, what which is more shocking, I am afraid to visit the site is hard to compete. In addition to the giant screen duel, LG and Samsung for the next generation of display technology orientation is also quite distinct from each other. LG OLED as the most solid boosters — LG always stand at the forefront of OLED technology, LG TV exhibition have become the most shining TV products this IFA in Signature G6. Although G6 has appeared in this year’s CES and AWE, but the size of the G6 has reached 77, the industry’s largest production? Means that OLED TV has reached 77?, OLED technology more mature, OLED will accelerate the marketization process. In order to pursue the ultimate visual effects, G6 is also equipped with HDR Pro system, but also supports the "Infinite Contrast" feature, which makes the G6 has an extraordinary quality performance. G6 charm also lies in the thickness of the display is only 2.57 mm, called the thinnest screen OLED tv. Samsung and Samsung as small size OLED overlord, OLED technology is not perfect so the big screen belongs, select a more secure alternative path, quantum dots using liquid crystal display technology will be developed to a mature and reliable and perfect. Samsung SUHD technology has been developed to the second generation, while the application of 1000nits HDR technology, effectively enhance the quality performance of television in almost every dimension, more abundant and accurate color reproduction, performance more contrast and detail, lower power consumption and longer service life. Although the quality and power consumption, quantum dots and OLED hard to compete, but in life, quantum dots are better. Samsung said that the new generation of SUHD TV service life more than 20000 hours more than OLED. Japanese: Japanese high plasticity legend is the color TV industry in the patron deity, people thought they would quit the stage of history when they return to the gorgeous. At the end of August there was news that Japan in the SONY and Matsushita under the guidance of a 8K Television Alliance, potential to recover over the past ten years were South Korea brands took Jiangshan tv. Although future variables are uncertain, but on IFA I)相关的主题文章: