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13 Jun

Having a dog as a pet is a wonderful experience, no matter what the breed. Pit bulls are not an exception to this rule. Although they are misrepresented as aggressive and violent dogs in the daily news, they are for the most part playful and active, and make great .panion dogs. Before purchasing, or acquiring your American Pit Bull Terrier, you must make sure that your city or town is not affected by breed restricted legislation. Certain cities or countries have restrained this breed of dog from being kept as pets or as guard dogs. It may be necessary to get insurance as well before you can keep one as a pet, and you may be required to muzzle it and maintain a short leash when in public areas. Whether you have children or not, its extremely important that your dog receive obedience training by a professional trainer or training school. There, your dog will learn to obey .mands, and stay on his best behavior. In the long run, as an owner, it guarantees your sanity and the intactness of your own home. This also gives the owner some peace of mind when you factor in neighbors and visitors with small children. Remember NEVER to leave any breed of dog unattended with children. Though they are animals, dogs require a good healthy diet and demand that they maintain a high level of hygiene. Mix and match wet dog food with dry, and read the labels of dog food ingredients carefully. Fiber, carbohydrates and vegetables are vital parts of a dogs diet, insuring healthy coats, active lifestyles, and longevity. Make sure your Pit Bull gets plenty of exercise. This particular breed of dog can be.e quite unruly and downright problematic if she isnt walked daily for an extended period of time. They like to play for extended periods outside of the daily walk. These things are vital in maintaining your dogs obedience to you, since its absence will bring out the wild and unruly side of your dog. Make sure you set rules and boundaries for your dogs and stick to them. Love and structure go hand in hand in raising a well bred dog. However this is not an endorsement for abusive behavior towards animals. If you live in warm climates make sure that your Pit Bull does not over exert herself in the sun. Dogs are equally susceptible to heat exhaustion. Although dogs sweat by panting and letting their tongues hang out, excessive panting and disorientation are signs that its too hot for your pooch. Should your Pit Bull get overheated, cool him down quickly. Place him in front of your car or home air conditioner, or wet his underside with water and fan him cool with a t-shirt or a pedestal fan. During hot summer days you should try exercising your Pit Bull earlier in the day, or later towards the evenings when its bound to be cooler and the sun isnt beating down on the two of you. Remember, your dog needs you. For love, learning and life you are the one that is going to be integral to the dogs ability to integrate itself well in your life. The more care and attention you administer, the better the relationship will be between man and Pit Bull. 相关的主题文章: