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24 Jul

Reference-and-Education Any examination has a specific set of rules based on the intake is expanded or limited and therefore the pupils will have to be aware so they can make the right career moves. GATE is no exception and since it is a high profile exam, the criteria of eligibility may have an impact of the students next career choice as well. GATE exam rules allow engineering graduates and postgraduates to write the exam. This is the ideal lot as the pupils who intend to write the exam opt for the next higher level of study which is the Master or a PhD study. The students may also seek an integrated programme. A high core is necessary to get shortlisted to programmes at the top institutes like the IIT or IISc. The preparation for each of these levels is attributed to the students itself as a whole. On contemplating the idea of the course and its difficulty, one can acquire an overview about the kind of preparation needed to make a mark on GATE. The students in the third year are not allowed to take up this exam. Apart from the above stunt to cut the number of students, the other reason could also be to reduce the pressure of students. Additionally, a fresh GATE score makes it easier to get admission, in terms of the application of the formula applied that particular year. Although this is said to be ideal, there are formulas introduced this year for last years students to gain an equivalent score in GATE. Utilizing the GATE score for that particular year is a good deal in my opinion as the candidate can aim to get into the area of focus of his choice at the earliest. Also the cut offs are laid fresh every year based on the examination performance and its associated toughness. Therefore, completing the exam and moving ahead to the next level will add on new talent to every sector of engineering each year. This will reduce the bulk of students. Addition of candidates to the employment area where the candidates can put in their effort and talent is a major requirement as there will be a continuity and reduction in redundancy. Among the other categories, the diploma students are not eligible to sit through to GATE exam. One might argue that this may cut down the talent of a deserving student. At times the students may be forced to take up a diploma than a degree due to a faster get away to secure a job position. They are equally skilled and professionally competent. A difference in the approach could possibly enable more talent to enter into the GATE family. One can only hope that the new changes that might come into GATE 2014 are more accommodating and include a larger section of engineers as the passion for the subject with respect to employment in a PSU is fairly growing and one can expect an additional growth by the coming years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: