Gas station was not gas go Sinopec machine failure Sohu

16 Apr

Gas station was not gas go "Sinopec: machine failure Sohu news without the use of refueling guns, refueling refueling is found that display fuel capacity of 0.34 liters in the gas, the amount of 2.06 yuan in September 14th, a section called" go Beijing Tongzhou Canal Street Station on the edge of the flour mill machine. Take the word "gun video online heat transfer, causing many users attention. In the video, the film makers questioned a gas station in Tongzhou, where the tanker had no fuel to calculate the cost of oil. In this regard, the incident gas station staff said the incident was due to the gas gun did not go out of the gas line, has been involved in the tanker repair. Sinopec Beijing Petroleum Company issued a statement saying that someone’s gas station, take the gun to go word is a mechanical failure, will be self inspection of the national gas station. No gas tanker incident is still going digital video online heat transfer in September 14th, a netizen posted a section called the Beijing Tongzhou Canal Street gas station on the edge of the flour mill machine gun to take the word "video, in the online heat transfer, attracted a lot of friends. In the video, a user will be a self-service tanker refueling gun in hand, did not use it to refuel, but the fuel meter on the tanker show the number began to increase. The netizen said in the video, said: "the words on the table has been changing, the gun in my hand, there is no refueling, how is this going on?" The total length of the video is 1 minutes and 20 seconds, to the end of the video, the tanker showed a total of 0.34 liters of oil, consumption of $2.06. There are users in the micro-blog on the video, questioned the tanker Touyou, some people said: "a person more than 2 dollars is not a big problem, if each machine that is not a small number Months and years pass by. down." Has been restored using yesterday involved gas station equipment maintenance, the Sinopec canal gas station staff told reporters BYD, happened on the morning of the 14 day after they received the customer to reflect the situation, immediately stop the tanker. According to the staff said, after the incident on the technical personnel involved tanker inspection found that put the gun away because it was the word "gas tube gas is not discharged, resulting in the card put the gun through the gun after gas efflux, produce cost. After repairs, the tanker has returned to normal use yesterday afternoon. The staff member said, before the canal gas station has never been such a situation, there is less and less oil tankers." Sinopec to apologize to consumers and compensation for the national gas station will self-examination Sinopec official also said that the gun to take the word is due to mechanical failure. 15 in the evening, China Petroleum Chemical Co Beijing petroleum branch official micro-blog said, after the release of the video in the company within 3 hours of contact with the consumer, face to face apology and compensation. To reflect the problem, by adjusting the gas station to see the video found that the gun to go word is the oil tanker gas recovery pipeline gasket damage caused by. Sinopec Beijing company, the staff presented a verification certificate of the refueling gun to the consumer, the student card相关的主题文章: