Gao Yixiang film strip the most adorable height difference in

16 Apr

"Gao Yixiang" film strip height difference between the most adorable ecstasy according to Sina entertainment news by Gao Yixiang [micro-blog], Wang Shuilin, Fan Tiantian, starred in the romantic comedy "abalone" in November 25th will be the height difference between the most adorable sweet Xian ying. Today, the film side exposed the "singles" posters and dirt "featurette, Gao Yixiang naked into battle, with a female partner Wang Shuilin bed according to offbeat shooting. Dirt featurette kaoi humor bright blind eyes, set funny than the story of a basket. Gao Yixiang naked into battle lines were hard to shoot offbeat bed according to "taunt" the exposure of the poster with bright yellow background, with Da Vinci born sketch masterpiece "Vitruvian Man" proportion of the human body framework, the main exposure Gao Yixiang, Wang Shuilin this is the most CP alternative bed photo". Gao Yixiang naked into battle, hands flat, generous show beautiful muscles, funny expression publicity, full of hormones strength. Wang Shuilin petite body is hidden in the white quilt, eyes wide open eyes, surprised, as if being caught "can not tell the secret," look at the poster above just a "bow to love you for a lifetime", a warm and funny romantic breath. As a youth love comedy, "" the most adorable height difference is the natural joy studio atmosphere. Gao Yixiang was born and grew up in foreign countries, the problem of some Chinese lines for him but not small. Filming, he took the script, read a word "difficult" lines: "Indoorsman Wang, my big flash (umbrella)?" The side of the director could not stand, seriously expect tongue twisters training can help him get through the lines through, did not expect a few times after the attempt, Gao Yixiang "collapse" shouted: "I only know that grapes do not spit grape skin!" Attracted everyone laugh incessantly. The studio performance concept of "pure sweetness" of Wang Shuilin and Gao Yixiang, her height difference of 40 cm, a series of interesting films in the rendering due to height difference caused by the quarrelsome lovers, did not think of Wang Shuilin’s "small", the hanging wire like "drudgery" love in the shooting, the reason is simple, actually "it is overlooking the Gao Yixiang"! Young and lively look adorable. Gao Yixiang highly anticipated incarnate funny play offbeat Gao Yixiang first to debut as the male model, innate nobility and goods with excellent body conditions, let him do the entertainment occupy the advantages in the dragons and fishes jumbled together. This summer, a cure of Romance Drama "met Wang Lichuan" made his debut for nearly ten years Gao Yixiang their first taste of popular idol, numerous female audience by his interpretation of the inspirational man of God "Wang Lichuan" power to the soul, the audience comments at the end of the play: "a Marysu oratorio the ultimate significance is to create a a new man of God, let all the female audience love, so far, I only see the" met Wang Lichuan "in Gao Yixiang do." Although with the warmth of interpretation has won widespread praise, but decided to subvert the refined image of Gao Yixiang starred in his first movie works, incarnate funny play. He was in the movie "" as the most adorable height difference, "Zhang Xiao" is a hundred-percent 90 tongue slag man, there are many inexperienced College Students — they love basketball, Shadow Photography body, spare time to indulge)相关的主题文章: