Fujian vice governor Huang Qiyu Kunming recommended Fujian tea Wuyi sweet live in Beijing – yo te amo

17 Nov

Fujian vice governor Huang Qiyu Kunming recommended: Fujian tea Wuyi sweet live – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in November 5, (Liu Wenbiao) in November 5th, the fourteenth session of China international agricultural products fair and the twelfth Kunming international agricultural exposition opened in Kunming. The exhibition will be set up 33 Provincial Exhibition (including Taiwan and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps) and the 1 International exhibition. The arrangement of high quality fruit tasting promotion, the ministerial joint promotion of agricultural products brand activities in the 17 major activities. Minister of the province to promote the activities of the provinces (cities, districts) in charge of agriculture, vice governor will have appeared on stage, and to promote the theme. Vice governor of Fujian province Huang Qiyu also made a special trip to the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition center. November 4th at 8 in the evening, the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall No. seven from Fujian, the fragrance of the fragrance of Fujian tea, Fujian tea promotion activities held here. Vice governor of Fujian province Huang Qiyu "tea" as "fresh Fujian" fragrance name card, speaking from a long history of Fujian tea. Fujian tea has a long history, originated in the Han Dynasty, the earliest written records about tea than Lu Yu "tea" published 300 years earlier, is the birthplace of Oolong Tea, Black Tea, white tea and tea, the southern Oolong Tea to Anxi Tieguanyin Tea as the representative of the northern Oolong Tea to Wuyi Rock tea as the representative. Site promotion, TV screen scrolling the beauty of Wuyishan, interpretation of tea tea. Tea, for the audience interested in Wuyi, Huang Qiyu from the four aspects of its varieties, growth environment, process and quality of his unique. Huang Qiyu said, Wuyi rock tea varieties are Dahongpao, Narcissus and cinnamon. Dahongpao from Wuyishan center view of the Kowloon nest, now is breeding cultivation Dahongpao from six mother trees, varieties of good quality. Wuyishan fresh air, soil quality and suitable temperature and humidity, especially like the "three pit two Jian" this type of terrain, very suitable for the growth of Wuyi rock tea. The production process of Wuyi Road up to a dozen Zuoqing, baking, the most exquisite, most see Kung fu. Wuyi rock tea is good, is the two craft superb grasp." Huang Qiyu said, in addition to Wuyi rock containing organic matter and trace elements needed by the body, but also has "Hong Qing Gan live" is a special trait, fruit fragrance, mellow has no taste, sitting back to sweet, smooth and refreshing, "rock rhyme" pure, fresh Fujian haoshanhaoshui good tea, you eat the rest assured." At the scene to promote the meeting, Fujian tea was the country’s 30 large agricultural enterprises, electricity providers, supermarkets favor. Only Fujian Yonghui supermarket site procurement Fujian tea 50 thousand kg, 20 thousand kg of purchasing Pu’er Tea, a total of 15 million yuan. Director of Fujian Provincial Department of agriculture, agriculture office director Huang Huakang said that the Fujian tea promotion activities at the agricultural fair, is a showcase of Fujian tea industry transformation and upgrading, is an important way to promote the circulation and sale of agricultural products in Fujian; hope to find tea in the tea business, to promote a long history of tea by Fujian tea and Fujian tea culture to the world. (end)相关的主题文章: