Fujian entered the normal period of the most stringent environmental illegal enterprises 289 months splitit

19 Nov

Fujian entered the normal period of the most stringent environmental illegal enterprises 289 February – Beijing Beijing in Fuzhou on 23 September, (Lin Chunyin) as a pilot area of ecological civilization is a "fresh" Fujian environmental protection inspector "accountability storm". Fujian Provincial Government Environmental Protection Inspectorate group in less than 2 months, has been investigated in the province of Longyan, Quanzhou and Ningde, the illegal business of up to 289 to three. At present, the accountability of the picket follow-up work is being carried out. In July this year, the central environmental inspectors stationed in 8 provinces for a period of one month on-site inspectors, hundreds of people were destroyed because of ecological and environmental pollution was under criminal detention, the party and government departments over 2000 people were accountable. Fujian also set off environmental pollution storm. Fujian Provincial Government Environmental Protection Inspectorate group stationed in Longyan in July 28th, after the full moon after more than Quanzhou, Ningde have also been inspectors. Daily economic news reporter 23, was informed that, as of September 22nd, the Longyan group has informed the three batch of the investigation of the environmental violations of the enterprise, the relevant person in charge of the company transferred to the public security administrative detention of 14 people, to be transferred to the public security organs, the 14 people. So far, three to investigate and deal with illegal enterprises 289. The reporter found out, the first batch of Quanzhou investigate illegal business environment 63, there are many projects not approved before construction, illegal sewage, waste water exceed the standard without supporting pollution control facilities, kangaroo underground pipe sewage, on-line monitoring facilities and data fabrication environment, focus on electroplating, metal casting and machining industry; there is the first batch of Ningde 42 for enterprises of kangaroo underground pipe waste, not the normal operation of pollution control facilities, the use of waste tires oil refining and other illegal sewage behavior, involving agriculture and animal husbandry, paper, oil refining, slag heap etc.. Fujian years of strict enforcement of the law enforcement team at the county level, but also to highlight the storm. According to the official website of the Longyan municipal government news, the city has been under the supervision of the results of the first batch of 17 organs staff, state-owned enterprises, public officials accountability. The observation that as the ecological environment quality of Fujian continues to lead the country, the environmental protection "accountability storm" for Fujian next year to meet the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate — and not only "supervision enterprises, more emphasis on administrative supervision". With this synchronization, Fujian introduced the division scheme of national ecological civilization pilot area "Fujian plan" task, put forward 26 key tasks in 6 aspects and 38 reform achievements, and requires the implementation of a coordination, January season one inspection on the reform of test task". The national ecological civilization pilot area "Fujian time axis" has been clear: to ensure the completion of this year 15, 2017 completed 17, completed in 2018 6 to 2017 for the results of the reform, reform in the field of key and difficult to form a number of results can be copied, can be extended to 2020, for the reform of ecological civilization in China to create a the first batch of typical experience, the formation of clear property rights, pluralistic participation, both incentive and restraint system, a complete system of ecological civilization. Fujian provincial environmental protection department official said, Fujian, the most stringent environmental protection will enter the normal period. (end)相关的主题文章: