From the highest temperature to 20 degrees Celsius incubus

18 Nov

The above maximum temperature to 20 DEG out from the above regression the regression temperature to 20 DEG C according to the Chongqing municipal meteorological station is expected tomorrow, rain weather will continue to sweep around the city. Temperatures will gradually rise around. By 31, the city’s highest temperature will return to about 22 degrees Celsius, the main city of the highest temperature will return in November 1st or so to more than 20 degrees celsius. Deputy director of the Bureau of Meteorology Chengkou County Long Xianqiong said that as the weather improves, Chengkou snowfall will also stop Huang dam. Because of the lack of continuity of snow Huang dam, as the weather improved, 28 pad snow will melt quickly. In the next three days weather forecast 29 to 30 at night during the day, around the intermittent scattered light rain or drizzle overcast days. Temperatures in most areas 10 to 18 degrees centigrade, the main city: intermittent light rain cloudy, from 12 to 16. 30 to 31 at night during the day, the Midwest and southeast regions of intermittent Xiaoyuzhuanyin days, part of the southeastern region of rainfall up to moderate rain, northeast sporadic rain cloudy. Most of the temperature of 11 ~ 22 DEG C; main city: intermittent light rain cloudy, from 14 to 18. 31 on the night to November 1st during the day, most cloudy cloudy. Most of the temperature of 11 ~ 24 DEG C; the main city: cloudy, cloudy, between 15 ~ 21.相关的主题文章: